Case Study: Mobile Farrier Uses Heavy Duty Slides

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heavy duty slides - farrier 01  Client: Steve

Location: Worcestershire

Application: Mobile Farrier Pods 

Brief: With over 30 years experience as a blacksmith Steve employs traditional blacksmithing skills and craftsmanship to deliver exquisite pieces of work, from outdoor sculptures to cast iron work Steve is also a qualified farrier.heavy duty slides - farrier 02

“Whether it’s blacksmithing or shoeing horses I spend a lot of time on the road,” confides Steve. “I realised to be able to offer the customers the service they expected I would need to be able to take my tools with me.”

Farriers need a lot of essential kit and it’s not light. A mobile forge, anvils, metal working tools and gas tanks all take precious vehicle space and need to be housed securely, whilst being accessible for the farrier.

heavy duty slides - farrier 04“We’re seeing an increase of interest from other farriers who realise having all their kit in their vehicle is essential,” adds Steve. “We’ve tried to future proof the design of our pods by creating a system which can be taken out of one vehicle and replaced into another with the minimum of fuss.”

Beautifully made, these pods are functional and user friendly and are designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer.

Solution: Steve realised the only slide capable of delivering the extension and load capacity performance was the RA5. The RA5 is a three beam zinc plated steel slide sporting our famous reinforced ball bearings which add smooth delivery of the pod, as well as offsetting from brinelling and ball cage creep.heavy duty slides - farrier 03

Feedback: “You guys have been brilliant. From Michelle at customer services through to Tony delivering the slides to my door. I’ll definitely be using Chambrelan again.” Steve

For more information on how Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides can transfigure your vehicle build, call us directly. We’re here to help.

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