Pendennis super yacht uses Telescopic Slides

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telescopic slides

Chambrelan slides: Crew Fridge on Super Yacht

Client:              Pendennis

Location:         Falmouth

Application:   Super Yacht, Fridge application


Brief:  Pendennis are a team of master yacht builders with over 25 years experience and with over 30 custom made super yachts already launched from their facility in Falmouth.  Specialising in both motorised and sailing yachts their list of clients include the wealthy elite, whose expectations of quality and service are second to none.

So when the team were designing a kitchen unit for the crew of their new super yacht and a stainless steel fridge needed to be operated in a tight space envelope the only steel slide capable of the immense loads and maintaining food standards at sea, was Chambrelan’s ST708 telescopic slide.

telescopic slides

Chambrelan steel slides excellent for food safety and marine applications…

“The fridge is housed in a stainless steel wire system on board our latest super yacht,” confides Peter Legg, Project manager for Pendennis.  “And is situated in the crew’s kitchen which needed to roughly carry 100kg.  The rack itself is 25kg due to the steel and so we needed slides that could operate smoothly and easily under load.”

There was only one problem: due to the confined space the slides had to be carried in the minor access.  “We had about 25mm worth of space up and down, but to the left and right of the runner we had zero space to work with.”

Solution:            The only slide capable of maintaining a food standard and operating at sea was the ST708 a three beam stainless steel slide capable of incredible load carrying capabilities.   The ST708 encloses a run of reinforced ball bearings that actively restricts buckling and twisting under heavy loads and is built to last, even under the most extreme loads. 

telescopic slides

Stainless steel, extreme load carrying capabilities… This is Chambrelan’s ST708

Feedback:            “The decision to buy the slide was at the point we were nearing the end of the project.  The technical support was very good and we received them in very good time.  Very positive.”  Peter Legg

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