Van Conversion uses Telescopic Slides

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Van conversion with heavy duty slides

motorcross van conversion using Chambrelan heavy duty slides

Client: Andy

Location: Midlands

Application: Van Conversion 

Brief:   With a shared passion for motorcross Andy and his young son regularly compete at off road championships across the country. Not only is it a physically demanding sport held in all weathers, but not surprisingly the bikes take such a beating the team needed to be able to carry three bikes with them to any one event.

Having bought a Mercedes sprinter to convert as a motorcross van the father and son race team decided to spec it out so that the bikes could be delivered by hydraulics to the rear of the vehicle. The hydraulics system allows for the heavy weight of the bikes to be withdrawn and extended even if the vehicle is facing up or down hill.

heavy duty slides

strong enough to carry three bikes

“There’s a lot of kit,” said Andy, “it’s not just the bikes, but the riders equipment, the fuel and all the necessary tools needed to keep the bikes running. We knew we needed a pair of heavy duty telescopic slides that would be able to carry that weight at 2.2m extension.”

Solution: The best pair of heavy duty slides capable of taking the 300-350kg projected weight of the bikes was the E1902. The E1902 is one of Chambrelan’s most durable and heavy duty slides, capable of carrying extreme loads the E1902 is a reinforced three beam heavy duty slide (capable of carrying 785kg per pair in the closed position).   Favoured by the emergency services and military applications the E1902 is zinc plated for extra corrosion protection and is reinforced for extra strength.

heavy duty slides

favoured for their extra strength

Feedback: “We’ve still got some work to do, but the slides work great. Highly recommended.” Andy.

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