Chambrelan Product Review : ST508

May 19, 2011   //   Product review  //  No Comments
ST508 - almost half the price of the old ST509

ST508 - almost half the price of the old ST509

Another product to be launched by Chambrelan this year is the ST508.  The ST508 is a solid stainless steel slide, having evolved from the older ST509.  By using the latest manufacturing technologies to produce the stainless steel section, the overall production costs have been massively reduced resulting in the pricing of this product, being halved without compromising the strength, long life and quality expected from a Chambrelan slide.

As a result the use of a specialised stainless steel slide has become a much more affordable option when looking for the ideal slide solution within more unique and demanding applications.

Another new addition to the ST508 is the final surface treatment, the sections are bathed in a unique wash, which gives the slides an even matt finish.  It’s got to look good as well, right?

For further information on the ST508 or on any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

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