Chambrelan Slam Lock Gets Reviewed

Dec 9, 2015   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on Chambrelan Slam Lock Gets Reviewed
slam lock from chambrelan

Introducing the New Slam Lock from Chambrelan

A quiet, but popular performer we haven’t reviewed for a long time is Chambrelan’s Slam Lock, with its optional Lock-In-Lock-Out (LILO) action, which allows the drawer to be locked when its reached full extension. The LILO option is operated by a dual lock system, fitted  between the front and the rear of the drawer. They can also be adapted to work in conjunction with our bidirectional slides (DD Options) allowing the drawer to travel back through itself and lock in both the closed and extended position at either end of the slide’s travel.

Manufactured from high quality Grade A plastic, Chambrelan’s slam lock has been designed and tested to take punishing loads in a hard working environment.

Chambrelan slam lock

check out our slam lock draw fronts

With new ranges of products constantly being released and updated please visit our newspages or visit our website for further announcements.  Indeed for our full range of heavy duty slides, drawer slides, telescopic slides and linear rails are featured in real time on our wesbsite, meaning customers can check stock availability before ordering, allowing them to take control over their stock programmes and keeping in touch with what heavy duty slides are available.

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