New D52 Aluminium Rail Launched Chambrelan

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 new aluminium linear rail

New Linear Rail

The new D52 aluminium rail is a close relation to our most popular linear rail, the E53 a cold drawn steel rail made for medium to light duty applications.  The D52 is an aluminium rail, which has been anodised for extra protection, it is our latest light duty rail aimed at the high precision applications.

Designed primarily to take the B53 carrier the D52 has an identical profile with the B53 which means an increase in load capacity.  Versatile and pleasing on the eye, the BF2 aluminium rail is a perfect light duty rail aimed at delivering precision loads for a number of different applications including led lights, materials handling, precision guidance applications and home improvements (one customer has recently used this linear rail to slide and replace a punch bag for his home).

The B53 is our first carrier sporting a three wheeled roller arrangement. The centre wheel can be easily adjusted to prevent movement within the rail, making the fit tighter or looser depending on the applications needs.

This new wheel offers an alternate to Chambrelan’s stainless steel ball bearing carriers, which use reinforced ball bearings that circulate within the carrier, providing a smoother all round movement, whilst spreading the load more evenly within the rail.  Because of its anodised body this rail has an attractive soft finish that protects the length of the rail as well as making it a presentable option for home improvements and retrofitting vehicles.  For a full range of our light duty, medium duty or heavy duty linear rails and linear rail carriers visit or call us directly on 01746 761 114 for further help.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

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