Reviewing the E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

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E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

With an increase of sales interest for the E1020 over the last quarter we thought we’d review why Chambrelan’s strongest steel drawer slide is one of our most popular drawer slides. The E1020 steel drawer slide is a monster, designed to perform at the extreme end of our heavy duty drawer slide range. The E1020 is a reinforced three beam zinc plated slide that uses steel ball bearings to deliver a smoother handling operation, despite the load.

When carrying extreme loads, for example, the E1020 with a closed length of 1000mm can carry 1100kg at 1000mm extension, the slides sequential movement comes into its own. This movement allows the inner beams to be released in order, meaning the movement is not only smoother, but more efficient especially when a coordinated release is necessary.

The sequential movement not only strengthens the slide, but it prevents the inner beams from twisting or bucking in the beams, also called the brinnelling affect. When this happens more force is needed to operate the slide and if it is not replaced, the end result will be a complete operational failure.

With its unique sequential movement, reinforced ball cages, stainless steel ball bearings and Chambrelan design, the E1020 has been used for heavy duty sliding security doors, sliding storage for large generators, the nuclear industry, military and defence applications as well as the emergency services.

Need something different?  You’ve come to the right place, some customers need non standard items and that’s when as a business Chambrelan comes into its own.  As designers and manufacturers of sliding systems with over 70 years of experience we can design and prototype slides specifically tailored to our customers needs.  For non standard items, drop us a line, we’re here to help.

For more information visit or call us directly on 01746 761 114, we’re here to help.

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