Reviewing the E1708 Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide

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E1708 Stainless steel slide

Superb Strength

Perhaps the most enquired about slide at this years DSEI show was the E1708 stainless steel heavy duty slide. The E1708 is a three sectioned I beam slide, that allows the two opposing beams to work in both directions. The I-Beam designed heavy duty slide allows for greater load capacity and extension, without an increase of the space envelope. This is essential on vehicle builds where space is a premium and load capacity is a must.

In this respect the E1708 can carry massive loads (530kg per pair at a 1000mm closed length). By using 316 grade stainless steel this slide is totally resilient to salt water corrosion and high temperatures, making it ideal for customers in the defence, naval, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The E1700 heavy duty slide, the zinc plated carbon steel version of the E1708, has also seen good service in vehicle conversions, especially DIY Camper conversions. Many camper conversions employ our slides for extendable pods, designed at doubling the interior living space of the vehicle.

We have a range of heavy duty slides, everything from light duty aluminium slides ideal for precision movements in electrical applications all the way through to extreme heavy duty slides, built to carry massive loads and even when we don’t have the heavy duty slide for you, we can prototype our current range to fit your application.  In addition Chambrelan are constantly updating and reviewing their manufacturing techniques, improving delivery and quality of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems wherever we can.

To view our full range of slides – in real time – visit the website where you will find our stock availability.  This stock is constantly changing, so keep in touch.

For UK enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or 01746 761114

For OZ enquiries contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit




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