Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Now Bi-Directional

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Go Both Ways

Anyone would think it’s Christmas with the amount of new heavy duty drawer slides tumbling out of the R&D department of Chambrelan and the RA7S is no exception.

As one of the most popular heavy duty drawer slides in the market the RA7 has always created a name for itself due to it’s over extension and massive load capacity.  However, the latest addition to the RA7 collection is a sequentially operated heavy duty slide.  A clever but simple mechanism coordinates the travel of each beam extending and retracting the slide beams in a set sequence.

This ‘cycle’ is designed to reduce ‘ball-cage creep’, lower the operating forces and generally improve the ease of operation when moving heavy loads.  Ideal for materials handling applications, emergency service vehicles and military vehicle builds, the latest RA7 aims at taking the existing design and taking it further.

The RA7 is one of Chambrelan’s most popular heavy duty drawer slide, capable of carrying extreme loads repeatedly it is chosen for its endurance, long life cycle and the ease of fitting and maintaining the heavy duty slide.  Made from zinc plated steel the RA7 heavy duty drawer slide is a reinforced three beam slide housing a run of steel ball bearings which actively spread loads and makes the heavy duty drawer slide’s operating abilities a lot smoother, meaning even when carrying the most extreme loads the RA7 can be operated smoothly, without bucking and ball cage creep.

Going the other way!!

Chambrelan have also updated their website to feature a real time stock programme, allowing customers to see availability in real time.

This web feature has been designed to let customers have better control over their stock programmes.  For any further information on our entire range of heavy duty drawer slides and linear rail motion systems visit www.chambrelan.com or alternatively contact us directly on 01746 761 114 we’re only too happy to help and advise on your heavy duty slide requirements.

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