Heavy Duty Slides Get Reinforced Ball Cage

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extra rail and slide strength

Reinforced Ball Cage For Extra Strength

You may have noticed that some of our heavy duty slides have a ‘R’ attached to the product name.  For example, RA7R and the RA5R.  The ‘R’ denotes that these slides are ‘Reinforced’, but what makes them extra strong?  And how does that benefit customers?

Whether it’s stainless steel or steel, whether the slides are zinc plated or ionised for extra strength, choosing our reinforced slides not only means an increase of load capacity, but also due to their construction, these slides are less likely to buck and twist during heavy use.   They key is our unique ball cages, which ‘carries’ the slide on the vertical and horizontal plane, cushioning the load on two rows of additional ball-bearings.  This means an even spread of weight a long the slide and allows a smoother and more regular movement even when carrying extreme loads.

With an entire range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems to choose from we know you’re going to find what your looking for.  However, for more specialised projects, where customers require rails or slides that need to be especially made or prototyped, then we can certainly help.  Defence applications or rolling stock projects sometimes need special treatment and we have the team to create you the slides or rails that you need.  We work with companies to prototype products, modifying and changing to suit their application and meet their load capacity needs, before rolling out orders.  Since we carry a large amount of stock in the UK we are able to meet customers requirements for a whole range of products.  For more information visit out website where we have our entire range of heavy duty slides and linear rails available in real time.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either www.chambrelan.co.uk or www.linearrails.co.uk or call 01746 761 114

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