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light duty linear motion rail

Linear Rails – Check out our Range

Linear Rails – Light Duty Linear Motion Rail:

To make things easier for customers we’ve broken our complete collection of linear rail motion systems into light, medium and heavy-duty ranges.  This month we’ll be examining what products make up our light duty range.

At the lighter end of this range is the Light Duty (LD) light D409.  Made from aluminium rail, this is a feather-weight linear motion rail, perfect for the electronics industry and smaller precision focused applications, where loads are slight, but a smooth regular operation is essential.

Sandwiched in the middle of our light range is the Medium Duty (MD) light D48 linear motion rail our medium LD linear motion rail.  Again made from aluminium this rail is perfect for lighter loads and fewer duty cycles, whilst maintaining a consistent performance and being a very price conscious linear motion rail.

At the strong end of our Light duty range is the Heavy Duty (HD) light E28 linear motion rail.  Made from zinc plated steel, the E28’s slim profile and exceptionally smooth operation means it can fit into the tightest space envelope and is ideal for applications like sliding doors, machine guarding and carrying lighter loads on a vertical plane.

All our carriers use recirculating ball bearings, which spread loads and allows a smoother operation.  In addition we’ve just launched a new roller carrier, which can be tightened to fit the movement.  we can cut our linear motion rails to any size.  Looking for something a little more durable?  For a full range of linear motion products visit  we’re here to help and advise on any aspect of your application and if you need something prototyping we’d be happy to help.

check out our range of linear motion rail and heavy duty drawer slides.  For more information Please visit or alternatively contact us directly on 01746 761 114

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