Linear Rails Use Ball Bearings

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linear rails

Re-circulating ball bearing carriers spread loads more efficiently

Let’s talk balls.  Specifically steel balls, the ones you find in our unique carrier system, which we use across our entire range of linear rails.  Unlike other systems our carriers use a number circulating ball bearings housed in a carrier that spread  loads.

By spreading the weight over a number of ball bearings, we see an improvement in the operational use, which a standard ‘roller system’ lacks.  In addition when carrying heavier loads a ‘roller system’ tends to ‘buck’ and bend the rail itself which will cause jamming and operational failure.

With a raft of new products, including linear rails and heavy duty slides, being constantly designed and launched on the market, Chambrelan are considered leaders in the linear rail and heavy duty slide markets.

Chambrelan’s range of linear rails have been used by manufacturers and vehicle builders across the world.  Many of our linear rails are used by Rolling Stock applications and are favoured for their ease of use, their strength and durability.  The unique roller ball bearing system allows for a smoother and easier operation, especially where sliding doors are required.  For materials handling, where manufacturing lines are fed or loaded our linear rails can be fitted with our latest roller movement which allows the carrier to be tightened to fit, according to the application’s requirements.  To view our full range of linear rails visit where customers can order and pay online.  Should customers need a more specialised linear rail we can also help so call us directly on 01746 761114.  Our linear rails and telescopic slides use only the best materials suitable for a range of applications and with our rails coming in a different range of sizes and lengths in differing materials we know we have the linear rail for you.

For our full range of telescopic slides and precision made drawer slides visit or call one of the team on 01746 761114.

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