We Prototype Telescopic Slides and Linear Rails

May 28, 2015   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on We Prototype Telescopic Slides and Linear Rails
Telescopic slides and linear rails

Working with Engineers on new prototypes

Specialised applications need specialised sliding systems and although we have a huge range of telescopic slides and linear rails, some applications are so different that their slides will need prototyping.

Whether it’s changing the hole patterns, decreasing or increasing the extension or modifying the slide entirely, Chambrelan’s engineers have the means to upgrade and specify our slides for unique builds.

Prototyping slides is a collaborative effort and we work closely with engineers to get the best out of their projects, in terms of both cost and performance

Prototype heavy duty slides:

For example a customer who buys our competitors product, currently needs an incredibly strong heavy duty slide. They have been using a two beam heavy duty slide, capable of carrying 185 kilos per slide, unfortunately each slide is 300 euros per slide and therefore cost has proved a major problem.

By working with the our engineers Chambrelan have designed and created a prototype capable of carrying, circa 200 kilos each slide, with a price point of 139 euros, with an exciting cost saving as an additional Chambrelan bonus. 

A recent rolling stock project is another example of how a company bought heavy duty slides from a manufacture to find that when it came to replacing worn out slides, they were no longer manufacturing that slide.  Chambrelan were asked to step in and help the situation and prototype an entirely new product from existing slides.  As companies and products become obsolete due to changing markets or improved designs  some slides become harder to replace and this is another reason why a company with over 50 years worth of history is favoured to a new start up.

For further information on how we can prototype your projects or for a full stock list of available heavy duty slides please visit www.chambrelan.com or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

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