RA7R Heavy Duty Slide Gets Beefed Up

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Specialised RA7R

We do a lot of bespoke work for customers, one of which was a re-development of our RA7R heavy duty slide.  In this instance the customer asked for a unique hole-fixing pattern, using counter sunk M8 holes on the outer beam, which was due to concerns over the extreme shock and vibration the application would have to face during its working life.

In response Chambrelan re-created the RA7R heavy duty slide, by nitro-carburising the slide, increasing it’s surface hardness, which was needed to counter the problem of brinelling, which in time would twist and break a normal slide under the same conditions.

The RA7 heavy duty slide has always been one of our most popular slides, chosen by vehicle builders and manufactures the RA7 heavy duty slide has a history of being an excellent performer, meeting rigorous work cycles without buckling, twisting or brinnelling, which occurs cheaper slides.  The RA7 heavy duty slide has been designed to deliver extreme loads in extreme environments.  Not the heavy duty slide for you?  Our range of heavy duty slides cover everything from light duty aluminium slides, designed for electrical applications and where precision movement is required to massive heavy duty stainless steel slides built for extreme loads on vehicle builders for the military and defence applications.

Our slides have been used for a huge range of applications including rolling stock, defence, off shore, manufacturing  and food processing.  Our slides are favoured due to their engineering precision and load carrying capacities, what’s more they’re easy to fit and easy to maintain.

In addition we offer a slam lock drawer front for customers who require heavy duty drawer slides and in this respect our slam lock drawer front complete our offer of drawer slides.  If you need any advice or looking at sourcing something we don’t have we’d be delighted to help you choose the heavy duty slide for you.

For further information on any of our slides please visit www.chambrelan.com or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

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