ST558 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Bridges Gap

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Introducing Chambrelan’s New 4 beam Heavy Duty Slide

A gap in our product range and a gap in the heavy duty drawer slide market has meant our designers and engineers have created a monster four beam over extending heavy duty drawer slide made from cold drawn stainless steel section, unlike anything on the market.

Perfect for nuclear, ship born and pharmaceutical applications, which need stainless steel drawer slides for their strength, their durability and their non corrosive surface treatment, making them a perfect choice for applications that require a huge load capacity and increased extension.

To give you an example, for a standard ST558 heavy duty drawer slide at 500mm closed length with an extension of 700mm has a load capacity of 116kg’s per pair in the major axis.  This heavy duty drawer slide has been designed and manufactured to deal with extreme loads in extreme working environments.

The ST558 heavy duty drawer slide bridges the gap between our lighter duty slides and the needs of extreme heavy duty slides with enormous extension that can still handle the massive loads demanded of them.  For a full range of our heavy duty slide range click here.

heavy duty drawer slide

The ST558 is almost exactly the same as the RA554, except it’s made from cold drawn stainless section

Since the launch of the ST558 has only just been announced, we’ve linked to it’s brother the RA554, which has exactly the same dimensions except the only difference is that the RA554 is a zinc plated carbon steel slide.

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