E1708 Stainless Steel Slide – Reviewed

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Stainless Steel Slide

E1708 – Steel Strength and Incredible Extension

The E1708 is a stainless steel version of the E1700, a three sectioned I-beam slide.  I-beam slides are named because they have one central section shaped like a capital I, with two identical opposing outer beams, that move in opposite directions.  This method of construction allows a much greater load bearing capacity, whilst maintaining a modest use available space envelope.   With an I-beam slide the overall width is more useable, meaning you can use a small width whilst maintaining and increasing the load capacity of the slide.

The outside envelope of the slide is always of critical consideration, since space is at a premium, the narrower the slide, the more room you have in the application and this why many vehicle manufacturers, materials handling applications and military projects use this type of slide.

Made of stainless steel this is an incredibly strong and durable stainless steel slide, perfect for food handling, off-shore and marine projects as well as more heavy duty roles that demand an incredible load capacity coupled with an easy to fit and easy to maintain product.  Indeed we have many enquiries for this slide coming from people interested in converting their Sprinter vans or horse boxes.  In this respect the E1708 is a strong performer as it allows retrofitters to slide a working pod in and out of the vehicle with ease.  These pods can be used as living spaces, doubling the space of the interior of the vehicle.  So if you’re looking at retrofitting a horse box or van conversion, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to advise you the exact slide for your build.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit www.chambrelan.com or alternatively call us on 01746 761 114, we’re here to help

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