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Reviewing the E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

May 4, 2016   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on Reviewing the E1020 Steel Drawer Slide
E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

E1020 Steel Drawer Slide

With an increase of sales interest for the E1020 over the last quarter we thought we’d review why Chambrelan’s strongest steel drawer slide is one of our most popular drawer slides. The E1020 steel drawer slide is a monster, designed to perform at the extreme end of our heavy duty drawer slide range. The E1020 is a reinforced three beam zinc plated slide that uses steel ball bearings to deliver a smoother handling operation, despite the load.

When carrying extreme loads, for example, the E1020 with a closed length of 1000mm can carry 1100kg at 1000mm extension, the slides sequential movement comes into its own. This movement allows the inner beams to be released in order, meaning the movement is not only smoother, but more efficient especially when a coordinated release is necessary.

The sequential movement not only strengthens the slide, but it prevents the inner beams from twisting or bucking in the beams, also called the brinnelling affect. When this happens more force is needed to operate the slide and if it is not replaced, the end result will be a complete operational failure.

With its unique sequential movement, reinforced ball cages, stainless steel ball bearings and Chambrelan design, the E1020 has been used for heavy duty sliding security doors, sliding storage for large generators, the nuclear industry, military and defence applications as well as the emergency services.

Need something different?  You’ve come to the right place, some customers need non standard items and that’s when as a business Chambrelan comes into its own.  As designers and manufacturers of sliding systems with over 70 years of experience we can design and prototype slides specifically tailored to our customers needs.  For non standard items, drop us a line, we’re here to help.

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Drawer Slides for Aeroplane: Case Study

Apr 8, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Drawer Slides for Aeroplane: Case Study
Drawer slides for plane

Sliding canopy for plane

Client: Dave Bonsall

Location: UK

Application: Aeroplane 

Brief:   36 years ago Dave decided to design and build an aeroplane. Not from a kit, mind, the plan was to design the aeroplane entirely on numbers, everything from wind velocity, aerodynamics, structural calculations and weight.  Understanding the relationship between air pressure, density and flow provided Dave with the essential mathematics from which the mechanical structure of the aircraft could be designed and built.

drawer slides for plane 02

sliding canopy needed to be strong and secure

“I quickly realised,” confided Dave, “that I wasn’t the first to approach an aeroplane design in this way and as the project took shape it was clear that the design shaped by our calculations was incredibly similar to the P51 Mustang.” The P51 Mustang was an American long range single seat fighter bomber used by the Americans in world war II and the Korean War. Originally the Mustang sported the Allison V-1710 engine, but due to its limited high altitude performance, it was quickly replaced with a Rolls Royce Merlin, transforming the Mustang’s performance at altitudes over 15,000 feet, making it a match for the Luftwaffe’s fighters.

With the plane almost complete, the final piece of the aircraft that needed building was the canopy and this is where Chambrelan UK came in.

drawer slides for plane 03

sliding canopy had to operate smoothly and safely

Solution: The drawer slides needed to extend and retract the canopy and the only heavy duty slides light enough and durable enough were the ST448 at 700mm. The ST448 is a 3 beam stainless steel heavy duty slide offering full extension, with its modest load carrying capacity of 50kg’s per pair. With it’s incredibly tight space envelope this stainless steel slide is able to endure the harsh weather at those heights, but also wind drag, while being a reliable, fail safe slide.

As you can see from the photos, the plane has had two names and used to be called ‘the Galloping Ghost’, but due to a tragic air accident in 2011, which saw a P-51D Mustang – also called the Galloping Ghost – crash into spectators killing 10, including the pilot Jimmy Leeward, and injuring 69 people, Dave decided to change the name to Rosie.

Feedback: “The drawer slides work fantastically and continue to perform. Thanks for all your support and advice.” Dave Bonsall.

To get your application off the ground, call Chambrelan on 01746 761 114

Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Dec 9, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Client: Private Individuals

Location: Worldwide

Application: Vehicle Conversions 

RA7 Heavy Duty Slide

Mobile Forge Using RA7s

Vehicle conversions, whether they’re for the emergency services, defence applications or private individuals are one of the most popular uses of our heavy duty slides. Many applications will use our slides as a means of increasing draw space or to access a generator, however we’re seeing more and more vehicle conversions that are going that extra mile. This month we’ve decided to pull together some of the most exciting and creatively challenging vehicle builds and conversions that have really stood out from the crowd.

RA7 Heavy Duty Slides

Extendable Mobile Forge Using RA7 Heavy duty slides

In the case of Kelvin Lymer, head farrier for the Great British Endurance team and one of three farriers chosen for the Beijing Olympics, due to his demanding job he needed to carry all his tools and forge with him. As a farrier he is constantly on the road and needed to design a mobile forge, that could be easily pulled out of his Land Rover Discovery 4, which boasts some exceptional features, including a 3.0 litre, 255hp diesel engine with a four corner air suspension and Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response as standard. The team responsible for the build was Jeremy Hughes-Hubbold from Stainless & Alloy Products Limited, whose experience in retrofitting off road vehicles is well founded, with over 30 years designing and fitting bespoke steel and aluminium fabrications, including catering trailers, food processing equipment, horseboxes and pharmaceutical applications. With a load of 450kg Kelvin needed a pair of extremely strong heavy duty slides, the R102, a reinforced two beam heavy duty slide, capable of carrying 720kg per pair at 1000mm extension, strong enough to be able to carry his expected loads and then some.

Heavy duty drawer slides

Extendable Horse box uses Heavy duty slides

A more ambitious extendable pod, this time a living space for two race champions, was created by Sue Denney and Simon Willis for their 18 tonne Renault lorry. The Pod was designed to increase much needed living spaced as they were on the road for anything up to six months at a stretch and by using Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides were able to hydraulically extend the inner living space.  The slides chosen for the vehicle were the RA7 a three beam reinforced telescopic slide, using reinforced ball bearings for a smoother operational use. Capable of carrying 250kg per pair at 1000mm extension, the RA7 allowed the team to extend their living space by 9sqm.

heavy duty slides

Extendable Party Platform

The need to increase space, whether its stowage space or otherwise, is one of the most popular requirements from vehicle builders, but this doesn’t mean our heavy duty slides are just used on vans, lorries or 4×4’s. A couple of years ago we ran one of most creatively challenging heavy duty slide stories for Jon Chance who wanted to create an extendable party platform which would allow his friends to fish off the back of his boat. His shore cruiser, a Sealord 344, needed an extendable platform that could carry people at least four people. It needed to be easily operated and resistant to hours of salt sea corrosion. Jon chose four extremely strong ST508 stainless steel heavy duty slides capable of carrying 225kg per pair on the major stainless steel slidesaccess.

For more information on any of these heavy duty drawers slides, telescopic slides, linear rails, precision slides and stainless steel slides call Chambrelan on 01746 761 114 or visit our website

E1904 Heavy Duty Slide Defence grade

Dec 5, 2013   //   Product review  //  No Comments
E1904 heavy duty slide

E1904 – Best For Defence

Although our standard range of heavy duty slides are more than enough for most customers, we do get requests for bespoke products.  One of our customers – a defence contractor – recently needed a hybrid slide / linear rail.

Although we can’t disclose the project due the nature of the build, we can say the loads being handled needed to be delivered from the rear of the application by the slide.  Once fully extended the linear rail then completes the cycle by delivering the load to a front position.  Capable of delivering up to 2m when fully extended the only slide fit for the job was the E1904 heavy duty slide, which had its inner beam removed to house the linear rail. In terms of core strength, the E1904 heavy duty slide is a heavy weight contender. As a four beam nested slide made from Zinc plated carbon steel section, this was a perfect option for the project due to its incredible load bearing capacity and ability to give 150% extension even in the harshest of working environments.

With the prototype now complete the project now faces a series of shock and vibration tests designed to simulate the extreme conditions it will have to face. Interestingly our customer is willing to share those figures with us and although we are still waiting for those results, as soon as they come we will happily share those with you.

Having recently showcased our entire range at the DSEI show, more and more defence contractors are choosing stainless steel products over standard finishes.  Partly for the extra strength and extension, but partly because these slides are corrosive resistant, the show has attracted a lot of interest from military builders and suppliers.

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