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Product Review – RA31

Jul 5, 2012   //   Product review  //  No Comments

RA31 – It’s good, very good

The RA31 heavy duty drawer slide is a 3 beam cold drawn steel drawer slide offering a 100% extension.  Okay so having a slide at 200mm isn’t as unique these days as it was, but there aren’t that many companies that will hold them in stock at short lengths, as stock programmes for other slide manufactures kick in at 300mm.

Everything below that, has to be made to order, which naturally takes time and can cause delays in projects, but here at Chambrelan we carry – as part of our standard stock range telescopic slides, including the RA31 heavy duty drawer slides at lengths below 300mm, which must be nice to know.

Chambrelan have an impressive range of heavy duty drawer slides, linear motion systems and slam lock draw fronts.  Our draw slides come in various materials, including aluminium, steel and stainless steel, depending on the strength and durability needed from the application.  Likewise our range of linear rails also come in aluminium, steel or stainless steel and sport two different types of carriers, firstly a stainless steel ball bearing carrier that allows the ball bearings to circulate in the carrier, which actively spreads loads and allows for a smoother operation and a reduction of the operating forces needed to operate the carrier.  Secondly our latest roller carrier that can be manually adjusted to suit the torque needed.

For more specialist draw slides or linear rail motion systems call us directly and we will be able to prototype our range of heavy duty slides to suit your application or alternatively for a real time stock programme click here, where you’ll be able to see our entire range of heavy duty drawer slides in real time or for further information on any of our draw slides please visit or alternatively contact us directly on 01746 761 114

Aluminium Linear Rail from Chambrelan

May 30, 2012   //   Product review  //  No Comments
linear rails

Chambrelan’s D409-AL40

Last month it seems we hit a nerve with our linear rail story so much so we’ve received a lot of information requests for Aluminium rail, which Chambrelan manufacturer and deliver.  The exact aluminium rail in question is the D409-AL40, an aluminium, lightweight rail used for a range of applications and selected by engineers for it’s slim, sliding action and load capacity of 15kg.  Designed specifically for lighter duty loads where the space envelope is at a minimal and precision guidance is a must, the D409-AL40 aluminium linear rail has a closed length between 200mm and 800mm.

By using a re-circulating ball bearing carrier we maximise the smooth operational functionality of the rail as well as reducing the stress and wear otherwise caused by other carriers and with new improved end stops, our rails are designed to withstand serious shock and vibration.

All our aluminium rail have been treated with a colourless anodization designed to harden and protect and our use of a high-pressured grease lubrication, helps maintain the slides and continually deliver smooth and reliable travel.

For an entire breakdown of our range of linear rails, we have categorised them into light duty rail, medium duty rail and heavy duty linear rail.  Depending on your application, load and working environment we can help source and supply you the right rail for your application.  We’ve also launched our new roller carrier system, which unlike the circulating stainless steel ball bearing carrier, is supported by wheels that can be tightened or loosened according to the amount of deflection requested by the application.

As you can see from the picture we’ve included a shot of the carrier, for the rail see last month’s issue. 

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit  or alternatively contact the team on 01746 761 114

Vesaro Simulator Uses Heavy Duty Slides

May 25, 2012   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Versaro – Advanced Simulation Rigs

Client:                    Vesaro

Location:              Kent

Application:       Driving Simulators


Brief:  Vesaro are world renowned designers and manufacturers of advanced modular simulators that not only look stunning, but amazingly replicate the emotion and power of a formula one race car.  These advanced simulators are based around a core-rig, beautifully designed and hand built to accentuate every roll and turn of the simulated environment.  Created from a single welded frame, making an ultra strong and stable platform, the design and structure of these units needed a sliding system to allow users to adjust the drivers peddles.

Like no other sim available, reality and simulation meet in a rush that will have you transported into your favourite racing game.

Solution:  Vesaro needed a compact heavy duty slide with a strong profile, but without the heavier weight restrictions found on heavier duty models.  Made from cold drawn steel and zinc plated for added protection, Vesaro chose our R20 double-beamed slide, which offers partial extension.  Versatile and strong, this heavy duty slide is used as part of the seating and peddle adjustment, which providers a smoother sliding action, virtually noiseless in operation. 

Feedback:  “Chambrelan’s R20 is performing very well and are used in the adjustment of the peddles.”  Robert Hunt, Managing Director, Vesaro Ltd

Click for video

Rescue Vehicle Uses Heavy Duty Slides

Apr 18, 2012   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Chambrelan’s heavy duty products deliver down under

Client:                     Bell Environmental 

Location:               Australia 

Application:         Rescue Vehicle

Brief:  Bell Environmental, has over 15 years experience in the design and manufacturer of custom made vehicles for national and international markets and have been bringing their expertise to the Emergency Services for the last four years.

In this particular instance an assignment of Rescue Vehicles have been ordered by the Victorian State Emergency Service as front line ops vehicle dealing with road accidents, flooding and storm damage. This is a medium / heavy rescue vehicle using an aluminium body using a modular framing system, which keeps the weight down and has a quicker build time and since these rescue vehicles need to be kitted out with every conceivable piece of equipment used for a variety of emergency situations, Bell came to Chambrelan.

Solution:  Having had a previous strong working relationship with Chambrelan Bell realised they could configure a range of products to hold the heavy equipment, including cutting equipment, chainsaws and fuel mats.  Using a combination of RA5’s, RA7’s heavy duty slides and Chambrelan’s unique slide and tilt system Bell have design a tool storage solution capable of carrying the extreme loads needed when operating from a non fixed base.

Feedback:  “We’ve been using Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides for a couple of years and in that we’ve had no recalls or warranty issues and are more than happy with their load carrying capacity.” Robert Bell, Manager

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rails visit our website for our full collection.  Many vehicle builders, especially military manufactures, will need specialised heavy duty slides and we can certainly help.  By working with engineers, we can prototype and specialise our products to your exact specifications, so if there’s something you need and you can’t find it on our website call us directly on 01746 761 114