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Macaroon Fridge Slide

Mar 3, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Macaroon Fridge Slide
Macaroon fridge slide 01

Inside is a fridge that carries 180 kilos of macaroons…

Client: Laduree

Location: London

Application: Macaroon Shop

Brief: Established in Paris in 1862 Laduree have always been considered the most exciting and delicious pastry chefs for over a hundred years and with a growing range of delicacies to their name it was only a question of time before their delicious macaroons made their way across the channel. With a number of concessions around central London, including Harrods, Laduree have grown their reputation for being prestigious pastry innovators far and wide.

macaroon fridge slide

Where Macaroons come to be eaten

Unfortunately, there was a problem with one of their fridge storage draws in their Burlington arcade store. Each fridge draw needed to carry a huge 180 kilos of macaroons, but the draw slides that had been fitted to the fridge were buckling under the weight which was preventing the staff from operating the draw safely.

Two options were available, either to reconfigure the entire internal structure of the fridge, which was deemed too difficult, too time consuming and too costly or alternatively replace the draw with a pair of stronger more versatile slides. The team decided to go for option ‘B’ and that’s when they found Chambrelan.

Macaroons, yesterday.

Macaroons, yesterday.

Solution: By working with Chambrelan Laduree selected the R53 as being the best macaroon fridge slide which was more than capable of carrying these incredibly tasty and yet extremely heavy macaroons. The R53 is a steel two beam nested slide, designed to be a load carrying work horse with a small enough space profile capable of fitting into the fridge unit. With its smooth operational movement, the R53 allows extreme loads to be carried, whilst not compromising on performance.

Conclusion: “The R53 has provided us with a very strong drawer slide, capable of carrying the heavy loads required. They were a great choice.”

For more information visit our website, or call us directly on 01746 761 114

Case Study: Mobile Farrier Uses Heavy Duty Slides

Aug 10, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Case Study: Mobile Farrier Uses Heavy Duty Slides

heavy duty slides - farrier 01  Client: Steve

Location: Worcestershire

Application: Mobile Farrier Pods 

Brief: With over 30 years experience as a blacksmith Steve employs traditional blacksmithing skills and craftsmanship to deliver exquisite pieces of work, from outdoor sculptures to cast iron work Steve is also a qualified farrier.heavy duty slides - farrier 02

“Whether it’s blacksmithing or shoeing horses I spend a lot of time on the road,” confides Steve. “I realised to be able to offer the customers the service they expected I would need to be able to take my tools with me.”

Farriers need a lot of essential kit and it’s not light. A mobile forge, anvils, metal working tools and gas tanks all take precious vehicle space and need to be housed securely, whilst being accessible for the farrier.

heavy duty slides - farrier 04“We’re seeing an increase of interest from other farriers who realise having all their kit in their vehicle is essential,” adds Steve. “We’ve tried to future proof the design of our pods by creating a system which can be taken out of one vehicle and replaced into another with the minimum of fuss.”

Beautifully made, these pods are functional and user friendly and are designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer.

Solution: Steve realised the only slide capable of delivering the extension and load capacity performance was the RA5. The RA5 is a three beam zinc plated steel slide sporting our famous reinforced ball bearings which add smooth delivery of the pod, as well as offsetting from brinelling and ball cage creep.heavy duty slides - farrier 03

Feedback: “You guys have been brilliant. From Michelle at customer services through to Tony delivering the slides to my door. I’ll definitely be using Chambrelan again.” Steve

For more information on how Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides can transfigure your vehicle build, call us directly. We’re here to help.

Telescopic slides for Ice-cream Kiosks

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E1700 heavy duty slide

Whitby Morrison Chooses Chambrelan

Client:             Whitby Morrison

Location:             Crewe 

Application:            Ice-cream Kiosk


Brief:                         Established in 1962, Whitby Morrison are the leading experts in the design and manufacture of ice-cream vans and kiosks to over 60 countries around the world. The ice cream revolution, which began in 1958, put huge demands on vehicle builders and the means to power the deep freeze cabinet fitted within.

While a vehicle is on the road it has no access to electricity and therefore the ‘deep freeze’ used to store the ice cream within the vehicle, employ what Whitby Morrison term, as a ‘holdover’ design, which is one where the cabinet is heavily insulated with eutectic plate panels, that are frozen over night from a static mains supply.

E1700 telescopic slide

Extendable counter for Ice cream kiosk

Bryan Whitby, soon realised that an ice-cream van could be more efficient if it were to generate its own power and that’s when he began prototyping vehicles that could power their ice cream machines via drive belts from the crankshaft pulley and a shaft mounted electro magnetic clutch.

Whitby’s direct drive changed the production of ice cream vehicles, making them more efficient and more competitive as well as lowering running costs. Whitby Morrison continues to set industry standards of excellence and innovation, offering a full service package for today’s discerning Mobiler.

For this application Whitby Morrison needed a heavy duty slide that could carry a large refrigerated display weighing 600 kilos. This extendable counter allows customers to view the range of ice-cream and make their choice and is operated by a hydraulic system that extends and retracts the counter when needed.

E1700 steel heavy duty slide

E1700 Steel Heavy Duty Slide

Solution: Due to the heavy duty loads required, Whitby Morrison needed a strong and durable heavy duty slide, which would meet food safety standards and deliver the extension they needed. The most suitable in our range was the E1700 heavy duty slide. The E1700 is a reinforced steel slide employing an i-beam construction, which allows for a much greater load bearing capacity, whilst maintaining a small space envelope.

Feedback: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying the two telescopic slides for the catering trailer at Whitby Morrison. Your response and service was second to none. The slides have fitted perfectly and the finished job works very well.

We have changed our supplier database to make Chambrelan the primary supplier for this kind of product. We also felt that the facility of knowing your stock availability on your website was very useful. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.” David Bramhiill, Whitby Morrison.

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide Review

Feb 27, 2015   //   Product review  //  No Comments
RA7R Heavy Duty Slide

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide, Full Extension

With a load capacity of up to 350kg per pair and protected by a tough white zinc plate the RA7R heavy duty slide is one of the best performers of Chambrelan’s range of telescopic slides.

Favoured by vehicle builders the RA7R is a three beam heavy duty steel slide employing the use of precision steel ball-bearings which not only makes for a smoother performance, but also adds structural support by spreading the mass of supported loads.

Some years ago Chambrelan upgraded the designs of their heavy duty slide range with the unique inclusion of reinforced bearings that guard against and offer greater resistance to lateral or side loadings.  This upgrade uniquely enables our telescopic slides to be used in both the major or minor axis when the slide beams are compressed against each other by the applied load.

Further upgrades to the RA7R heavy duty slide include the option of sequential movement, which cleverly coordinates the travel of each beam in turn, extending and retracting the slide beams in a set sequence, meaning a reduction in operating forces especially noticeable when the slides are carrying extreme loads.  These sequential heavy duty slides are ideal for manufacturing lines, battery storage boxes and industrial generators that need access for maintenance and repairs.  Indeed the RA7 has been used for small vehicle conversions, tool storage systems and extendable work surfaces.  The RA7 is one of Chambrelan’s most popular slides and subsequently much in vogue with customers who demand a quality performer regardless of the environment or loads.  In this respect the RA7 is considered to be a work horse of a slide, designed and manufactured using the best materials.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or or call 01746 761 114