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Spitfire Uses Aluminium Slide

Jan 5, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Spitfire Uses Aluminium Slide
d500 aluminium slide

Spitfire Using D500 aluminium slide

Client: Anthony Hitchcock

Location: Ibiza

Application: Model Spitfire 

When professional prop and model maker came to us for a slide for a spitfire canopy, we knew it was going to be a good project. Having started model making and design for years and having worked for customers like Bristol Zoo, the Museum of London and the Discovery Channel to name a few, Tony was asked to build a replica spitfire for children’s garden in Ibiza. Some model makers have all the luck!

D500 Aluminium Slide

Chocs Away

The spitfire is 5 metres long, with a 5.5m wingspan and due to its size the build had to be moved from Tony’s design studio, to his Dad’s garage. “It was a bit like making an enormous Airfix,” says Tony, “but on a much larger scale.”

The heavy duty drawer slide best suited for a spitfire cockpit was two D500, a three beam aluminium slide that delivers 77kg per pair at 350mm extension. Made from aluminium the D500 is a light duty slide with a silent and smoother operation, best suited for medium loads that require manual operation, such as boat covers, sliding guards, key board trays and of course, spitfire cockpits.

“It also flies,” adds Tony, “during our second installation a storm hit the island I remember watching in a mixture of horror and pride as all our hard work suddenly lifted off the ground, flew over a 2.5 metre wall before covering 50 metres. Thankfully it landed pretty well and we were able to fix the few scratches; but secretly we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

D500 Aluminium slide

Taking Control

“If I ever need any heavy duty slides again,” he added, “you will of course be my first choice!” Anthony Hitchcock

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