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Stair storage uses heavy duty slides

Jan 27, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Stair storage uses heavy duty slides
heavy duty slides

Under Stair Storage using Heavy duty slides

Client: Tony Hickman

Location: UK

Application: Under-stair storage

Brief: Dads: The under-sung heroes of home DIY, have just found a new champion. Meet Tony whose recently married daughter moved into their new home before Christmas and with a young family on its way needed extra storage space for their house. With the removal of an old boiler, space was made under the stairs and Tony quickly set to work building a series of storage drawers, that required Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides.

“I wanted to utilise the total depth of the cupboard,” said Tony, “but realising that it was 36 inches deep that any item stored at the rear of any potential shelving would be inaccessible due to any items placed in front of them, so the only solution was to make the drawer system reach out far enough to allow access to items and that’s when we found Chambrelan.”

Solution: The R53 is a lean and incredibly strong two-beamed telescopic slide. Zinc plated for extra protection these space conscious slides are capable of carrying 160kg per pair at 600mm and employ a run of stainless steel ball bearings that offer a smoother handling operation, despite the load. This is a medium duty slide, that requires a durable telescopic slide that will not bend or twist with over use and therefore is an ideal option for draw systems and stowage applications.

Feedback: “The Chambrelan team were a great help in understanding what I was trying to do and provided me with the exact slide I required. Thank you very much.” Tony Hickman.

For UK enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or 01746 761 114

For OZ enquiries contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit


Best Heavy Duty Slides 2014

Dec 15, 2014   //   Product review  //  No Comments

With a swathe of new heavy duty slides and linear rails being launched over the course of 2014 and host of new product developments being planned for launch in 2015 we thought we’d give you the best of 2014.  Interestingly this year has seen an upsurge in the sale of stainless steel slides and linear rails and so being that’s it’s Christmas we thought we’d highlight some of our best selling heavy duty stainless steel telescopic slides: 

ST508 heavy duty slide

ST508 Fully Extended

ST508 heavy duty slide:  Strong load carrying capacity coupled with a new sequential movement, as well as a very competitive price, has meant the ST508 has really caught the imagination of customers and due to its space profile it has become a very popular stainless steel slide for vehicle builders and where food safety is essential.

ST708 heavy duty slide:  A rise in marine and offshore applications has meant the ST708 has been a very popular stainless steel slide.  Made of stainless steel this three beam heavy duty telescopic slide is able to fit in very small spaces and deliver incredible loads, hence why it’s been used on a Sealord 344 to extend the rear of the boat and was used by the leading yacht builders, Pendennis for an onboard fridge application.  Just a couple of stories, which you can find here and here 

ST708 Heavy duty slide

Stainless steel, extreme load carrying capabilities… This is Chambrelan’s ST708

E1708 heavy duty slide:  Our largest stainless steel telescopic slide, the E1708 is a real brute of a slide, capable of carrying incredible loads in the toughest working environments, we have found many manufacturing, food-line applications and mining companies in Australia choosing this three sectioned I-beam slide.

For a full range of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems we have uploaded our entire stock programme in real time on our website.  Can’t find what your looking for?  call us directly and we’ll do what we can to help:  For UK enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or 01746 761 114

For OZ enquiries contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit

Steel Telescopic Slides For Steelite

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Steelite Using E1700

Client:  Steelite

Location:  Stoke on Trent

Application: Material Handling 

Brief:  As world leaders in the design and manufacture of award winning inspirational tableware Steelite’s pedigree is the best of British.  Given the Queen’s award for Enterprise and the Green Apple environmental award for reducing manufacturing waste Steelite’s reputation for quality and social responsibility are second to none.

Extreme Working Environments Calls For E1700 Heavy Duty Slide

It was at the early stages of the production cycle that Chambrelan was asked to help supply a strong enough slide to deliver raw clay into hoppers where the clay is then pressed and converted into ‘pugged’ clay, which is then extruded into long lengths that is then cut into slugs for the manufacturer of Steelite’s exquisite range of tableware.

E1700 Delivering Clay for Steelite

We spoke with John Lewis, Manufacturing Engineering & Projects Manager at Steelite to ask what challenges he faced.  “The environment in which we prepare the clay is hard working due to the dust and contamination and therefore we knew we needed something hardwearing and durable that could take the heavy loads.”

Indeed with over 500 thousand pieces being produced each week should a pug mill fail it would affect production and therefore John had to find a back up system that would deliver the raw clay to the application in such an eventuality.  “Originally we designed a very complicated system where ‘A’ frames supported the conveyor, but it was far too costly a solution.  Until, that is, we considered a simple frame using telescopic slides.”

The system had to use a very strong corrosive resistant slide with stainless steel ball bearings, since wet clay would have created rust on the slide, which if finding its way into the clay would have contaminated and destroyed the end product.  

Steelite…. the Finished Product…

Solution:  The steel telescopic slide strong enough and rugged enough to work in such an environment was the E1700, a reinforced 3 beam zinc plated steel slide, fitted with stainless steel ball bearings.  Extension needed was 1000mm, capable of carrying 530kg per pair on the major axis.  

Feedback:   “The steel telescopic slides were really easy to use and install and have proved a less costly and far easier option than what I had originally imagined.  Fantastic.”  John Lewis

E1708 Stainless Steel Slide – Reviewed

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Stainless Steel Slide

E1708 – Steel Strength and Incredible Extension

The E1708 is a stainless steel version of the E1700, a three sectioned I-beam slide.  I-beam slides are named because they have one central section shaped like a capital I, with two identical opposing outer beams, that move in opposite directions.  This method of construction allows a much greater load bearing capacity, whilst maintaining a modest use available space envelope.   With an I-beam slide the overall width is more useable, meaning you can use a small width whilst maintaining and increasing the load capacity of the slide.

The outside envelope of the slide is always of critical consideration, since space is at a premium, the narrower the slide, the more room you have in the application and this why many vehicle manufacturers, materials handling applications and military projects use this type of slide.

Made of stainless steel this is an incredibly strong and durable stainless steel slide, perfect for food handling, off-shore and marine projects as well as more heavy duty roles that demand an incredible load capacity coupled with an easy to fit and easy to maintain product.  Indeed we have many enquiries for this slide coming from people interested in converting their Sprinter vans or horse boxes.  In this respect the E1708 is a strong performer as it allows retrofitters to slide a working pod in and out of the vehicle with ease.  These pods can be used as living spaces, doubling the space of the interior of the vehicle.  So if you’re looking at retrofitting a horse box or van conversion, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to advise you the exact slide for your build.

For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and sliding systems please visit or alternatively call us on 01746 761 114, we’re here to help