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F1 Sim Sports RA7R Drawer Slide

May 4, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on F1 Sim Sports RA7R Drawer Slide
RA7R Drawer slide

F1 Sim Sporting Chambrelan RA7R drawer slide

Brief:  As you know we get a lot of interesting case studies from customers who have bought our heavy duty drawer slides.  Over recent issues we’ve covered canopies on aeroplanes, model spitfires, stage designers, vehicle builders, military and defence (which we can’t really talk about) applications and manufacturing stories.

RA7r drawer slide on f1 sim

F1 Sim

Our latest case study is no less interesting and has been designed to be an exact replica of an F1 race car.  The SIM, designed and built by Stable Fabrication, was designed to showcase what an F1 looks like in the flesh, so to speak.

F1 sim released, using RA7R heavy drawer slide

F1 sim released, using RA7R heavy drawer slide

Solution:  With need of an adjustable foot pedal, Stable came to Chambrelan and we helped them select the RA7R.  The RA7R heavy duty drawer slide is Chambrelan’s most successful slide and is capable of carrying 350kg per pair at 615mm extension.  Favoured by vehicle builders the RA7 is a three beam zinc plated heavy duty drawer slide capable of delivering a sequential load.

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide, Full Extension

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide, Full Extension

The RA7 is a favourite of vehicle builders and is regularly used as a stowage solution for heavy duty drawers, sliding generators and extendable work surfaces.

“Great, slides, Good Job!”

High Temp Oven Use Heavy Duty Slides

Jul 18, 2011   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
stainless steel heavy duty slides

Hi temp ovens need heavy duty steel slides

Client:  Preci Spark

Location:   Loughborough

Application: Hi temp Oven application

Brief:  Preci Spark are experts in high technology superalloy, titanium and aluminium fabrications and are the leading manufacturers of components for the aerospace and industrial markets.  Preci Spark needed a heavy duty sliding system to carry components into a high temperature oven that exceeded 250c.  Due to the weight of the components  each pair of slides had to carry 135 kilos, whilst providing enough extension to safely deliver and remove the components.

Solution: Other slides had not met up to the challenge and it was only when Preci Spark’s research led them to the Chambrelan range that they found a suitable alternative.  The only slide strong enough to cope with the temperatures, the weight and with the right extension was the RA7, with a massive 1,000mm closed length and an over extension of 1,200mm that included 200mm over extension.  Made from cold drawn steel section, these slides are made to take the most gruelling conditions and designed with easy install and maintenance in mind, the slides are continuing to perform well.

Our stainless steel heavy duty slides are ideal for this type of application, high temperatures and gruelling work cycles means that nothing other than a Chambrelan heavy duty slide will do on such an application.  For more specialised requests we are able to prototype our heavy duty slides, in some cases designing and building an entirely new slide from scratch.  Should customers need a heavy duty sliding solution, but you can’t find what you’re looking for, then call us directly we’re more than willing to help.

Feedback: “We have a high temp which need stainless steel heavy duty slides.  They are working very well and continuing to take the extreme loads demanded of them.”  Dave Beecroft, Design Engineer, Preci Spark,

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