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Macaroon Fridge Slide

Mar 3, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Macaroon Fridge Slide
Macaroon fridge slide 01

Inside is a fridge that carries 180 kilos of macaroons…

Client: Laduree

Location: London

Application: Macaroon Shop

Brief: Established in Paris in 1862 Laduree have always been considered the most exciting and delicious pastry chefs for over a hundred years and with a growing range of delicacies to their name it was only a question of time before their delicious macaroons made their way across the channel. With a number of concessions around central London, including Harrods, Laduree have grown their reputation for being prestigious pastry innovators far and wide.

macaroon fridge slide

Where Macaroons come to be eaten

Unfortunately, there was a problem with one of their fridge storage draws in their Burlington arcade store. Each fridge draw needed to carry a huge 180 kilos of macaroons, but the draw slides that had been fitted to the fridge were buckling under the weight which was preventing the staff from operating the draw safely.

Two options were available, either to reconfigure the entire internal structure of the fridge, which was deemed too difficult, too time consuming and too costly or alternatively replace the draw with a pair of stronger more versatile slides. The team decided to go for option ‘B’ and that’s when they found Chambrelan.

Macaroons, yesterday.

Macaroons, yesterday.

Solution: By working with Chambrelan Laduree selected the R53 as being the best macaroon fridge slide which was more than capable of carrying these incredibly tasty and yet extremely heavy macaroons. The R53 is a steel two beam nested slide, designed to be a load carrying work horse with a small enough space profile capable of fitting into the fridge unit. With its smooth operational movement, the R53 allows extreme loads to be carried, whilst not compromising on performance.

Conclusion: “The R53 has provided us with a very strong drawer slide, capable of carrying the heavy loads required. They were a great choice.”

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Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Dec 9, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Client: Private Individuals

Location: Worldwide

Application: Vehicle Conversions 

RA7 Heavy Duty Slide

Mobile Forge Using RA7s

Vehicle conversions, whether they’re for the emergency services, defence applications or private individuals are one of the most popular uses of our heavy duty slides. Many applications will use our slides as a means of increasing draw space or to access a generator, however we’re seeing more and more vehicle conversions that are going that extra mile. This month we’ve decided to pull together some of the most exciting and creatively challenging vehicle builds and conversions that have really stood out from the crowd.

RA7 Heavy Duty Slides

Extendable Mobile Forge Using RA7 Heavy duty slides

In the case of Kelvin Lymer, head farrier for the Great British Endurance team and one of three farriers chosen for the Beijing Olympics, due to his demanding job he needed to carry all his tools and forge with him. As a farrier he is constantly on the road and needed to design a mobile forge, that could be easily pulled out of his Land Rover Discovery 4, which boasts some exceptional features, including a 3.0 litre, 255hp diesel engine with a four corner air suspension and Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response as standard. The team responsible for the build was Jeremy Hughes-Hubbold from Stainless & Alloy Products Limited, whose experience in retrofitting off road vehicles is well founded, with over 30 years designing and fitting bespoke steel and aluminium fabrications, including catering trailers, food processing equipment, horseboxes and pharmaceutical applications. With a load of 450kg Kelvin needed a pair of extremely strong heavy duty slides, the R102, a reinforced two beam heavy duty slide, capable of carrying 720kg per pair at 1000mm extension, strong enough to be able to carry his expected loads and then some.

Heavy duty drawer slides

Extendable Horse box uses Heavy duty slides

A more ambitious extendable pod, this time a living space for two race champions, was created by Sue Denney and Simon Willis for their 18 tonne Renault lorry. The Pod was designed to increase much needed living spaced as they were on the road for anything up to six months at a stretch and by using Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides were able to hydraulically extend the inner living space.  The slides chosen for the vehicle were the RA7 a three beam reinforced telescopic slide, using reinforced ball bearings for a smoother operational use. Capable of carrying 250kg per pair at 1000mm extension, the RA7 allowed the team to extend their living space by 9sqm.

heavy duty slides

Extendable Party Platform

The need to increase space, whether its stowage space or otherwise, is one of the most popular requirements from vehicle builders, but this doesn’t mean our heavy duty slides are just used on vans, lorries or 4×4’s. A couple of years ago we ran one of most creatively challenging heavy duty slide stories for Jon Chance who wanted to create an extendable party platform which would allow his friends to fish off the back of his boat. His shore cruiser, a Sealord 344, needed an extendable platform that could carry people at least four people. It needed to be easily operated and resistant to hours of salt sea corrosion. Jon chose four extremely strong ST508 stainless steel heavy duty slides capable of carrying 225kg per pair on the major stainless steel slidesaccess.

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Product Launch: R71 Heavy Duty Slide

Jul 13, 2015   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on Product Launch: R71 Heavy Duty Slide
R71 Exceptional Draw Slide

R71 Exceptional Draw Slide

With its impressive footprint the R71 heavy duty slide is best suited for applications that offer restricted space, but require high levels of rigidity and a smooth working operation, even when delivering extreme loads.

This medium to heavy duty two beam telescopic slide is one of our best performing drawer slides.   It performs well in applications where most weaker and cheaper alternatives would struggle, it’s rigidity and reinforced ball bearing construction offers superb levels of operator control in drawer systems that have widths exceeding 1.5m.  Making it a fantastic slide for carrying loads that would exceed normal slide expectations.

The rigidity of the R71 is also vitally important for it ensures an even draw operation with no ‘crabbing’ or ‘lozenging’, which can be a typical and unwanted side effect of operating large draws from an off-centre position.

With its load carrying performance, smooth operation and rigid strength the R71 has been designed for specialist applications, like tool storage, hydraulic pipe storage and large, light weight preformed components. It is also a regular component for defence applications.

For more product reviews that detail the strengths of our heavy duty slides, please visit our product review page.  Our slides have been designed and built to suit a range of different applications.  Some have been designed for vehicle builders, defence and manufacturing applications, each have their own unique strengths and we’re always here to help, advise and support where we can.  Should you need any further advice on this product or any of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.  For a full pdf download, visit our website where customers can view in real time stock availability.

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Best Heavy Duty Slides 2014

Dec 15, 2014   //   Product review  //  No Comments

With a swathe of new heavy duty slides and linear rails being launched over the course of 2014 and host of new product developments being planned for launch in 2015 we thought we’d give you the best of 2014.  Interestingly this year has seen an upsurge in the sale of stainless steel slides and linear rails and so being that’s it’s Christmas we thought we’d highlight some of our best selling heavy duty stainless steel telescopic slides: 

ST508 heavy duty slide

ST508 Fully Extended

ST508 heavy duty slide:  Strong load carrying capacity coupled with a new sequential movement, as well as a very competitive price, has meant the ST508 has really caught the imagination of customers and due to its space profile it has become a very popular stainless steel slide for vehicle builders and where food safety is essential.

ST708 heavy duty slide:  A rise in marine and offshore applications has meant the ST708 has been a very popular stainless steel slide.  Made of stainless steel this three beam heavy duty telescopic slide is able to fit in very small spaces and deliver incredible loads, hence why it’s been used on a Sealord 344 to extend the rear of the boat and was used by the leading yacht builders, Pendennis for an onboard fridge application.  Just a couple of stories, which you can find here and here 

ST708 Heavy duty slide

Stainless steel, extreme load carrying capabilities… This is Chambrelan’s ST708

E1708 heavy duty slide:  Our largest stainless steel telescopic slide, the E1708 is a real brute of a slide, capable of carrying incredible loads in the toughest working environments, we have found many manufacturing, food-line applications and mining companies in Australia choosing this three sectioned I-beam slide.

For a full range of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems we have uploaded our entire stock programme in real time on our website.  Can’t find what your looking for?  call us directly and we’ll do what we can to help:  For UK enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or 01746 761 114

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