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Heavy Duty Log Storage gets Heavy Duty Slides

Mar 8, 2012   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Shaws of Brighton Using Chambrelan Slides For Log Box

Client:                 Shaws Of Brighton 

Location:              Brighton 

Application:        Heavy duty log storage box


Brief:           Shaws of Brighton have an exceptional reputation for quality and workmanship, but whereas most of our application stories come from industrial applications or automobile applications, when Shaws contacted us regarding a heavy-duty architectural application we were delighted to offer our experience.  The project in question was to house a draw to carry logs weighing 35 kilos by itself.  In addition the log box needed to carry in excess of 50 kilos and needed to be able to store them in a way that the logs could easily been accessed.

Solution:       Working with Shaws, Chambrelan heavy duty slides were able to suggest a pair of RA5Rs with a closed length of 450 mm.  Once the concrete and the fittings had been lined up, installation of the draw was easy and is continuing to perform even with the heavy loads.  The RA5 is one of our most popular and versatile heavy duty drawer slides, capable of carrying extreme loads this slide can deliver over and over again, even in the most rugged and inhospitable working environments.

Feedback:      “The slides are taking the loads expected of them and continue to operate smoothly.  All in all we’re very happy with Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides.”  Robert Claxton, Design Engineer at Shaws of Brighton.

Mobile Tyre Service Uses Heavy Duty Slides

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Hockney Engineers Using Chambrelan Slides On A New Concept Commercial Tyre Vehicle For Bridgestone

Client:  Hockney Engineers, part of the Holmwood Group

Location:  Victoria, Australia

Application: Bridgestone Commercial Tyre Vehicle. 

Brief:  Hockney’s reputation and that of it’s parent company Holmwood are well founded in Australia’s commercial vehicle sector for designing specialised vehicle bodies for government, defence and private fleet operators.  One of their latest projects, launched last year met with critical acclaim, was for a commercial service and tyre fitting, for one of their most respected customers, Bridgestone Tyres.

This new innovative concept vehicle, designed as a mobile service / tyre recovery unit, has a full aluminium fabricated construction focusing on a strong yet light body with increased carrying and storage capacity and an improved operating system for personnel.

In addition these vehicles have incorporated in the design the flexibility to enable the bodies to be removed and refitted onto a new chassis, which shows how Hockney Engineers are taking the issues of whole of life costing and recycling. That being said having designed a prototype vehicle, the Hockney team won a large long term contract and the vehicle itself has been widely recognised for its innovative design.

SolutionOn board stowage needs to be accessible and easily operated and because of this Hockney decided a telescopic slide would be best suited to draw the tool board in and out.  The design incorporated a pair of RA5R heavy duty slide at 700mm, with a joint load capacity of 105kg’s together with a double ‘D’ Slam Lock Handle, which allowed the tool board to be pulled from an internal locker.  In addition RA31 slides at 450mm were used as part of the onboard equipment draws and together can carry 48kgs between them.

Feedback: “We have used Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides for a number of years on other builds and they have more than proven themselves.”  Ron Stephens, Division Manager, Hockney Engineers.

Glove Box Technology Uses hi temp Drawer Slides

Dec 15, 2011   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
hi temp heavy duty drawer slides

Hi temperatures need heavy duty slides that can perform

Client:  Glove Box Technology

Location:  Cambridgeshire

Application: Vacuum Oven for Automotive Parts for Formula One 

Brief:   With roots in the nuclear industry, Glove Box Technology Limited have created an international reputation for designing and developing inert gas glove boxes for a range of clients in the chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.  For this particular application, a high temp vacuum oven, automotive parts for Formula One needed to be fed bi-directionally and dried.  Specifications for the project were that the heavy duty slides needed to be made entirely of hi resistance metal with no plastic parts, a smooth sliding action, the price had to be competitive and the delivery lead times needed to be acceptable.  

Solution: The RA5DD – one of Chambrelan’s strongest and most versatile bi-directional slides –  was chosen due to it’s heat resistance, load carrying capacity and it’s operational continuity on the minor access.  Capable of carrying 175kg per pair at 600mm closed length, the RA5DD is a mid range heavy duty drawer slide, chosen to operate in three positions; the Loading position, inside the oven and offloading on the other side of the oven.  The RA5DD was chosen due to its heat resistant properties, which reached 250C inside the oven.

Feedback: “We had four main criteria that needed to be matched.  Firstly the slides needed to be all metal, with no plastic parts, the price needed to be right, a smooth operation needed to be achieved and availability needed to be guaranteed; all of these were essential in the buying decision and Chambrelan achieved them all.”  Andy Mullen, Design Project Manager, Glovebox Technology 

For more information on any of our hi temp heavy duty drawer slides or any of our bi-directional slides or to find out which heavy duty drawer slides is suitable for you, call us directly on 01746 761 114.  For customers who need a more specialised product, our sales teams can advise or prototype the best slide for you.  Speak to one of our team today, we’re here to help.

Heavy Duty Slides Upgrade Motorhome

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Client:  Alan Ingram

R53 slides carry motorhome generator

Location:  Weston Super Mare

Application: Motorhome

Brief:   Originally Alan Ingram needed to upgrade his motor homes generator from 110 volts to 240 volts for the power supply he needed and initial designs meant fitting the generator to a mounting plate which would then be fitted to our heavy duty slides, but due to the sizing restriction the design was modified to be able to work. 

Solution: Having discussed the project with our sales manager, we were able to suggest the fabricator hang the generator on the slides, which overcame the space constraint.  The load carrying capacity of the project was roughly 45 kilos and access needed to be given to the central panel, for maintenance purposes.  The slide best suited to the project was the R53, a two beamed solid steel slide, with a closed length of 200 to 1400 mm and a load capacity between 25kg and 135kg.

Feedback: “Having worked with Chambrelan for the best suited slide for the project, we placed the order and it appears we have exactly what we were looking for.”  Alan Ingram

For more information on these or any of our heavy duty slides call us directly on 01746 761 114 or visit