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Sliding Storage System For Art Gallery

Oct 10, 2011   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
Heavy duty slides

Sliding Storage for Gallery

Client:  AMP Fab

Location:  Oldham

Application: Museum and Art Gallery Storage Solution, South of France 

Brief:   AMP Fab, a team of bespoke storage consultants for museums and art galleries, recently won a prestigious contract in the South of France to design and build a ‘behind the scenes storage solution’ for an exclusive artist’s gallery.  The main point of the brief for the project was that the picture storage system should not extend into the gallery space. 

Solution: The only system that would counter lever the storage system was Chambrelan’s slides and linear rails.  Capable of carrying heavy loads without compromising the functionality of movement, AMP Fab’s team of engineers needed a massive extension and therefore chose Chambrelan’s E1700, with a 1500mm closed length.  The E1700 is renowned for it’s strength and durability and for it’s compact profile and extreme load rating.

Feedback: “Chambrelan instinctively knew what we were trying to achieve and immediately grasped the complexity of the project.  Admittedly they are more expensive than cheaper slides, but in terms of performance and quality, we knew they were the only slides on the market that could do the job as well.  I would recommend Chambrelan slides to anyone needing a compact profile slide with an extreme load rating.”  Adam Beck, Director,

For a full list of our heavy duty slides and linear rails please visit our website or call us directly on 01746 761 114 to speak with one of the team.  For more bespoke products we can prototype our slides to meet your order.

Heavy Duty Slides for Mobile Forge

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heavy duty slide forge 2As head farrier for
he Great British Endurance team and one of three farriers chosen for the last Olympic Games at Beijing Kelvin Lymer knows a thing about working with horses and as he completes his latest venture – a one piece prototype mobile workshop and forge, which he aims at rolling out to farriers like himself, we caught up with him to discuss what it takes to be a farrier and why he’s creating this unique piece of equipment.

“Being a farrier means I need to be out and about,” said Kelvin. “It also means I need to be able to carry a huge amount of essential equipment about the country so I can do the job. The only option was to carry this equipment in a vehicle strong enough to manage such heavy loads, whilst having the off-road capabilities that would cope with the heavy terrain I have to face.”

Kelvin’s vehicle of choice was the Land Rover Discovery 4 which boasts some exceptional features, including a 3.0 litre, 255hp diesel engine with a four corner air suspension and Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response as standard. The team responsible for the build was Jeremy Hughes-Hubbold from Stainless & Alloy Products Limited, whose experience in retrofitting off road vehicles is well founded, with over 30 years designing and fitting bespoke steel and aluminium fabrications, including catering trailers, food processing equipment, horseboxes and pharmaceutical applications.

heavy duty slide forge“There were a lot of challenges we had to face,” commented Jeremy, “ the first was what was the projected load capacity and secondly we needed to create a system by which the equipment could be ‘folded’ into the back of the Land Rover and retracted out, allowing Kelvin to work out of the back of his vehicle as and when he needed. In fact you could liken the whole project to fitting 10 gallons into a pint glass.”

Like many professionals who rely on their vehicle for their job, a Farrier needs to pack in a huge amount of kit; including a small furnace, anvil, grinding stones, welding machinery, a vice and tools, all of which needed to be fitted neatly and locked securely in place for travelling and with more professionals retrofitting their vehicles to suit their working needs, there are many challenges in adapting vehicles to specific needs.

“It was very much a trial and error process and when fitting each of the pieces of kit on board we did have to get creative so everything worked together in such a small space – 1600mm long and 900mm high,” confirmed Jeremy. “It was decided at an early stage that we use stainless steel. The other alternative would have been aluminium, but it ages badly and isn’t as durable as steel, which, due to the nature of Kelvin’s work, needed to be clean and highly durable.”

One of the main features of the build was the steel pod, which houses the equipment and which needed to be retracted in and out of the vehicle and therefore had to be capable of managing the huge load capacities at full extension. The team chose Chambrelan’s E1700 heavy-duty slide, a three beam nested slide capable of extreme loads and able to deliver 100% extension.

“Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides do exactly what they say on the tin,” added Jeremy, “and have been a perfect solution in being able to deliver this type of payload, smoothly and safely.”

For more information on our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems call us directly on 01746 761 114 or visit our website:

High Temp Oven Use Heavy Duty Slides

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stainless steel heavy duty slides

Hi temp ovens need heavy duty steel slides

Client:  Preci Spark

Location:   Loughborough

Application: Hi temp Oven application

Brief:  Preci Spark are experts in high technology superalloy, titanium and aluminium fabrications and are the leading manufacturers of components for the aerospace and industrial markets.  Preci Spark needed a heavy duty sliding system to carry components into a high temperature oven that exceeded 250c.  Due to the weight of the components  each pair of slides had to carry 135 kilos, whilst providing enough extension to safely deliver and remove the components.

Solution: Other slides had not met up to the challenge and it was only when Preci Spark’s research led them to the Chambrelan range that they found a suitable alternative.  The only slide strong enough to cope with the temperatures, the weight and with the right extension was the RA7, with a massive 1,000mm closed length and an over extension of 1,200mm that included 200mm over extension.  Made from cold drawn steel section, these slides are made to take the most gruelling conditions and designed with easy install and maintenance in mind, the slides are continuing to perform well.

Our stainless steel heavy duty slides are ideal for this type of application, high temperatures and gruelling work cycles means that nothing other than a Chambrelan heavy duty slide will do on such an application.  For more specialised requests we are able to prototype our heavy duty slides, in some cases designing and building an entirely new slide from scratch.  Should customers need a heavy duty sliding solution, but you can’t find what you’re looking for, then call us directly we’re more than willing to help.

Feedback: “We have a high temp which need stainless steel heavy duty slides.  They are working very well and continuing to take the extreme loads demanded of them.”  Dave Beecroft, Design Engineer, Preci Spark,

call us on 01746 761 114

Pickup Systems Sports Heavy Duty Slides

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Pickup Systems - Sporting Chambrelan's RA7 Heavy Duty Slide

Pickup Systems – Sporting Chambrelan’s RA7 Heavy Duty Slide

Client: Pickup Systems

Location: Blackburn

Application: Multi Purpose Utility Vehicle

 Brief: Pickup Systems, the team of bespoke designers and body converters, recently have announced an altogether new Multi Purpose Utility Vehicle designed to tackle frontline urban and rural fires, as well as being able to transform into support vehicle for other emergency scenarios.  Because the vehicle will be taking the pressure of the larger fire units and be very much operating on the front line it needed to hold and store essential equipment, on top of it’s fogging system, ladder and water tank.

Solution: As well as sporting Chambrelan’s new slide and tilt system, Pickup Systems have also used Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides across the vehicle build, to carry the water pump.  Using the RA7 which boasts incredible strength and smooth, constant operation the slides were easily installed onto the vehicle, providing strength and support where needed.

Feedback: “Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides and sliding systems are our first choice.”  John Mcgauley, Managing Director, Pickup Systems,

For years we’ve worked with Emergency Services, whether it’s in Australia, the UK or Ireland our heavy duty slides are used by front line crews to carry extreme loads like essential cutting equipment, generators, pumps and other fire fighting equipment.  Whether our slides are used as heavy duty drawer slides or as part of our unique slide and tilt drop down system, Chambrelan have the experience and the range to deliver the right slide for you.  For non stock items, where extra loads need to be considered, Chambrelan can also prototype products, designing and manufacturing round your specifications.  For all non stock items a longer lead time will be required, but we will discuss all options with you.

For more information on how our heavy duty slides can be incorporated into your vehicle build, call Chambrelan on 01746 761 114