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Spitfire Uses Aluminium Slide

Jan 5, 2016   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Spitfire Uses Aluminium Slide
d500 aluminium slide

Spitfire Using D500 aluminium slide

Client: Anthony Hitchcock

Location: Ibiza

Application: Model Spitfire 

When professional prop and model maker came to us for a slide for a spitfire canopy, we knew it was going to be a good project. Having started model making and design for years and having worked for customers like Bristol Zoo, the Museum of London and the Discovery Channel to name a few, Tony was asked to build a replica spitfire for children’s garden in Ibiza. Some model makers have all the luck!

D500 Aluminium Slide

Chocs Away

The spitfire is 5 metres long, with a 5.5m wingspan and due to its size the build had to be moved from Tony’s design studio, to his Dad’s garage. “It was a bit like making an enormous Airfix,” says Tony, “but on a much larger scale.”

The heavy duty drawer slide best suited for a spitfire cockpit was two D500, a three beam aluminium slide that delivers 77kg per pair at 350mm extension. Made from aluminium the D500 is a light duty slide with a silent and smoother operation, best suited for medium loads that require manual operation, such as boat covers, sliding guards, key board trays and of course, spitfire cockpits.

“It also flies,” adds Tony, “during our second installation a storm hit the island I remember watching in a mixture of horror and pride as all our hard work suddenly lifted off the ground, flew over a 2.5 metre wall before covering 50 metres. Thankfully it landed pretty well and we were able to fix the few scratches; but secretly we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

D500 Aluminium slide

Taking Control

“If I ever need any heavy duty slides again,” he added, “you will of course be my first choice!” Anthony Hitchcock

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Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Dec 9, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Vehicle Conversions Do it With Heavy Duty Slides

Client: Private Individuals

Location: Worldwide

Application: Vehicle Conversions 

RA7 Heavy Duty Slide

Mobile Forge Using RA7s

Vehicle conversions, whether they’re for the emergency services, defence applications or private individuals are one of the most popular uses of our heavy duty slides. Many applications will use our slides as a means of increasing draw space or to access a generator, however we’re seeing more and more vehicle conversions that are going that extra mile. This month we’ve decided to pull together some of the most exciting and creatively challenging vehicle builds and conversions that have really stood out from the crowd.

RA7 Heavy Duty Slides

Extendable Mobile Forge Using RA7 Heavy duty slides

In the case of Kelvin Lymer, head farrier for the Great British Endurance team and one of three farriers chosen for the Beijing Olympics, due to his demanding job he needed to carry all his tools and forge with him. As a farrier he is constantly on the road and needed to design a mobile forge, that could be easily pulled out of his Land Rover Discovery 4, which boasts some exceptional features, including a 3.0 litre, 255hp diesel engine with a four corner air suspension and Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response as standard. The team responsible for the build was Jeremy Hughes-Hubbold from Stainless & Alloy Products Limited, whose experience in retrofitting off road vehicles is well founded, with over 30 years designing and fitting bespoke steel and aluminium fabrications, including catering trailers, food processing equipment, horseboxes and pharmaceutical applications. With a load of 450kg Kelvin needed a pair of extremely strong heavy duty slides, the R102, a reinforced two beam heavy duty slide, capable of carrying 720kg per pair at 1000mm extension, strong enough to be able to carry his expected loads and then some.

Heavy duty drawer slides

Extendable Horse box uses Heavy duty slides

A more ambitious extendable pod, this time a living space for two race champions, was created by Sue Denney and Simon Willis for their 18 tonne Renault lorry. The Pod was designed to increase much needed living spaced as they were on the road for anything up to six months at a stretch and by using Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides were able to hydraulically extend the inner living space.  The slides chosen for the vehicle were the RA7 a three beam reinforced telescopic slide, using reinforced ball bearings for a smoother operational use. Capable of carrying 250kg per pair at 1000mm extension, the RA7 allowed the team to extend their living space by 9sqm.

heavy duty slides

Extendable Party Platform

The need to increase space, whether its stowage space or otherwise, is one of the most popular requirements from vehicle builders, but this doesn’t mean our heavy duty slides are just used on vans, lorries or 4×4’s. A couple of years ago we ran one of most creatively challenging heavy duty slide stories for Jon Chance who wanted to create an extendable party platform which would allow his friends to fish off the back of his boat. His shore cruiser, a Sealord 344, needed an extendable platform that could carry people at least four people. It needed to be easily operated and resistant to hours of salt sea corrosion. Jon chose four extremely strong ST508 stainless steel heavy duty slides capable of carrying 225kg per pair on the major stainless steel slidesaccess.

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Van Conversion uses Telescopic Slides

Nov 4, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Van Conversion uses Telescopic Slides
Van conversion with heavy duty slides

motorcross van conversion using Chambrelan heavy duty slides

Client: Andy

Location: Midlands

Application: Van Conversion 

Brief:   With a shared passion for motorcross Andy and his young son regularly compete at off road championships across the country. Not only is it a physically demanding sport held in all weathers, but not surprisingly the bikes take such a beating the team needed to be able to carry three bikes with them to any one event.

Having bought a Mercedes sprinter to convert as a motorcross van the father and son race team decided to spec it out so that the bikes could be delivered by hydraulics to the rear of the vehicle. The hydraulics system allows for the heavy weight of the bikes to be withdrawn and extended even if the vehicle is facing up or down hill.

heavy duty slides

strong enough to carry three bikes

“There’s a lot of kit,” said Andy, “it’s not just the bikes, but the riders equipment, the fuel and all the necessary tools needed to keep the bikes running. We knew we needed a pair of heavy duty telescopic slides that would be able to carry that weight at 2.2m extension.”

Solution: The best pair of heavy duty slides capable of taking the 300-350kg projected weight of the bikes was the E1902. The E1902 is one of Chambrelan’s most durable and heavy duty slides, capable of carrying extreme loads the E1902 is a reinforced three beam heavy duty slide (capable of carrying 785kg per pair in the closed position).   Favoured by the emergency services and military applications the E1902 is zinc plated for extra corrosion protection and is reinforced for extra strength.

heavy duty slides

favoured for their extra strength

Feedback: “We’ve still got some work to do, but the slides work great. Highly recommended.” Andy.

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Case Study: Mobile Farrier Uses Heavy Duty Slides

Aug 10, 2015   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  Comments Off on Case Study: Mobile Farrier Uses Heavy Duty Slides

heavy duty slides - farrier 01  Client: Steve

Location: Worcestershire

Application: Mobile Farrier Pods 

Brief: With over 30 years experience as a blacksmith Steve employs traditional blacksmithing skills and craftsmanship to deliver exquisite pieces of work, from outdoor sculptures to cast iron work Steve is also a qualified farrier.heavy duty slides - farrier 02

“Whether it’s blacksmithing or shoeing horses I spend a lot of time on the road,” confides Steve. “I realised to be able to offer the customers the service they expected I would need to be able to take my tools with me.”

Farriers need a lot of essential kit and it’s not light. A mobile forge, anvils, metal working tools and gas tanks all take precious vehicle space and need to be housed securely, whilst being accessible for the farrier.

heavy duty slides - farrier 04“We’re seeing an increase of interest from other farriers who realise having all their kit in their vehicle is essential,” adds Steve. “We’ve tried to future proof the design of our pods by creating a system which can be taken out of one vehicle and replaced into another with the minimum of fuss.”

Beautifully made, these pods are functional and user friendly and are designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer.

Solution: Steve realised the only slide capable of delivering the extension and load capacity performance was the RA5. The RA5 is a three beam zinc plated steel slide sporting our famous reinforced ball bearings which add smooth delivery of the pod, as well as offsetting from brinelling and ball cage creep.heavy duty slides - farrier 03

Feedback: “You guys have been brilliant. From Michelle at customer services through to Tony delivering the slides to my door. I’ll definitely be using Chambrelan again.” Steve

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