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Case Study: Coniston Launch Uses Chambrelan Heavy Duty Slides

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Client:   Coniston Launch

offshore slides

Coniston Launch Uses Chambrelan

Location:  Cumbria

Application: Launch doors and hatch application uses heavy duty slides

Brief:   As the third largest lake in the Lake District Coniston water stretches five miles long and half a mile wide.  Its ribbon shape being created by glaciation. This beautiful lake is said to be the inspiration for Swallows and Amazons and as such has been an attractive location for tourists and walkers.

Coniston was also the scene for the many attempts to break the world water speed record and was the place where Donald Campbell died when he lost control of his Bluebird K7 hydroplane whilst trying to exceed his previous top speed of 300mph.

Coniston launch was founded in 1992 to run a service between Coniston and Brantwood, but as more and more tourists began using the service the business realized it had to grow and subsequently the company bought a new launch called Campbell.

Solution: As the new launch was being refurbished, the team realized that the door slides and hatch slide needed to be replaced and although the slides must have been there for over thirty years there was concern that the same Chambrelan slides would not be available. Thankfully after a quick search, Coniston Launch found us and we were able to replace their old slides, with new R71’s at 1750mm closed length and partial extension.

As a company with over 50 years worth of experience manufacturing heavy duty slides our range of stainless steel products are ideal for marine applications.  Zinc plate protected these slides have been used on submarines, cruise ships, private boats and small launches.  They are durable, strong, easy to fit and easy to maintain and designed to take the weather.

Feedback: “Chambrelan were very helpful and the new slides works perfectly.” Douglas Hodgson.

For more information on how our range of heavy duty slides can transform your application, please call us directly and we’ll see whether we can help:  01746 761114

Telescopic slides for Ice-cream Kiosks

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E1700 heavy duty slide

Whitby Morrison Chooses Chambrelan

Client:             Whitby Morrison

Location:             Crewe 

Application:            Ice-cream Kiosk


Brief:                         Established in 1962, Whitby Morrison are the leading experts in the design and manufacture of ice-cream vans and kiosks to over 60 countries around the world. The ice cream revolution, which began in 1958, put huge demands on vehicle builders and the means to power the deep freeze cabinet fitted within.

While a vehicle is on the road it has no access to electricity and therefore the ‘deep freeze’ used to store the ice cream within the vehicle, employ what Whitby Morrison term, as a ‘holdover’ design, which is one where the cabinet is heavily insulated with eutectic plate panels, that are frozen over night from a static mains supply.

E1700 telescopic slide

Extendable counter for Ice cream kiosk

Bryan Whitby, soon realised that an ice-cream van could be more efficient if it were to generate its own power and that’s when he began prototyping vehicles that could power their ice cream machines via drive belts from the crankshaft pulley and a shaft mounted electro magnetic clutch.

Whitby’s direct drive changed the production of ice cream vehicles, making them more efficient and more competitive as well as lowering running costs. Whitby Morrison continues to set industry standards of excellence and innovation, offering a full service package for today’s discerning Mobiler.

For this application Whitby Morrison needed a heavy duty slide that could carry a large refrigerated display weighing 600 kilos. This extendable counter allows customers to view the range of ice-cream and make their choice and is operated by a hydraulic system that extends and retracts the counter when needed.

E1700 steel heavy duty slide

E1700 Steel Heavy Duty Slide

Solution: Due to the heavy duty loads required, Whitby Morrison needed a strong and durable heavy duty slide, which would meet food safety standards and deliver the extension they needed. The most suitable in our range was the E1700 heavy duty slide. The E1700 is a reinforced steel slide employing an i-beam construction, which allows for a much greater load bearing capacity, whilst maintaining a small space envelope.

Feedback: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying the two telescopic slides for the catering trailer at Whitby Morrison. Your response and service was second to none. The slides have fitted perfectly and the finished job works very well.

We have changed our supplier database to make Chambrelan the primary supplier for this kind of product. We also felt that the facility of knowing your stock availability on your website was very useful. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.” David Bramhiill, Whitby Morrison.

Telescopic slide for Secure Shed Company

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telescopic slide for secure shed company

Normal Shed on the Outside

Client:              Philip and Paul 

Location:              Shropshire 

Application:            Secure Shed


Brief: In 2013, having spent years in the motorcross industry, supplying the top racing teams with leading branded goods from companies like Kawasaki and Honda, disaster struck when the two brothers discovered that they’d been burgled.  The thieves stole equipment, personal items and a motorcross bike worth over £8,000.

“Anyone who has been burgled,” remembers Paul, “will know it’s a huge shock and even though our business was affected for a short while, there were many personal items that can never be replaced.”

heavy duty slide

Cage on the Inside

Both knew that statistically there was a high chance that the burglars would strike again and so they began researching security options that would offer better protection for their business.

“The more we looked into security, we realised nothing was really suitable,” adds Philip.  “Alarms and security lighting can be easily bypassed and we knew that a more bolt and braces approach was needed.”

With nothing on the market that came close to their needs, Philip and Paul decided to design their own secure shed and so began the Secure Shed Company.

What the brothers wanted to try and achieve was a security shed in disguise.  From the outside, their range of security sheds look like simple, yet beautifully made, outdoor sheds, the kind you see in every garden, but on the inside the shed is lined with a steel cage.  Made from 2.5mm thick 1-inch box section steel, vertically spaced and set 5 inches apart the frame incorporates a steel door, held in place by stainless steel hinges and ‘Bull-Dog’ secure locks.

With a number of different sheds available, including a standard shed option, a secure shed option and a larger, insulated secure shed that would be ideal for an outside office, the Secure Shed Company offer a full range of products for outdoor security needs.

Solution:  The particular shed in question has been designed specifically for urban security, for properties that lack space, but need bike security.  In this instance two heavy-duty RA7R telescopic slides are fixed securely to the ground, allowing customers to park their bike and ‘slide’ the shed over the bike.

The RA7R telescopic slide was a perfect choice, made of cold-drawn steel section, Chambrelan’s RA7 heavy duty slide are capable of carrying incredible loads, whilst ensuring full strength and incredible extension.

Feedback:  “Thanks for all the help.  The telescopic slides work really well.”  Paul

LNER Carriage Uses Linear Rails

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Linear Rails

Made in 1948 this Corridor Coach uses doors designed in 1898

Client:  LNER Carriage Group

Location: Bridgnorth

Application:  Carriage 70759:  Sliding Door Application


Brief: Carriage 70759 has had an interesting history, built in York in 1943 to aid the war effort as a Pigeon Van (big business for the Railways until 1966) it is a gangwayed bogie carriage of standard Gresley outline and made to full passenger specifications used to convey baskets of carrier pigeons to the point of release, as well as general parcel traffic.

Linear Rails

Over 100 years of service

This teak bodied carriage remained in traffic until 1971, when it, along with two others, were sold to a book publisher as storage units.  Unfortunately the sale did not go well for having completed the sale, British Rail promptly lost the carriages.  The day, however, was saved by a group of Rail Enthusiasts who managed to track down the carriages to York marshalling yard, where one of them had been commandeered as a mess room for the yard-men.  The marshalling Yard master was not so willing to relinquish them saying they’d be a riot were the publishing company to try to take their mess room away.  So the situation was left a month while the men made alternate arrangements and the coach returned to its rightful owners.  Having changed hands a number of times ownership then passed to the Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust, on whose behalf the LNER carriage Group are refurbishing it.

Linear rails

Designed in 1898, this door has been working since 1912

At one end of the carriage is a luggage van, complete with fold down shelves which would have carried the pigeons, as well as a guard’s brake compartment and a W.C.  A side corridor, (70759 was one of the later corridor coaches, built 1943, on the British Main-line) allow access to the passenger compartments which house the sliding doors, the original designs of which were created at the tail end of the Victorian Period, between 1896 and 1898 and were not updated until 1950.

Having survived the war, racing pigeons, a grumpy yard master and years of passenger wear and tear the six foot doors began to show their age and so Chambrelan were called to fit a run of linear rails which would allow the doors to be supported along the full length of travel.

new linear rail

Out with the old and in with the new Chambrelan E46 linear rail and G54 Carrier

Solution:  The doors design in 1898, (one of which has been in use since 1912), needed support along the full length of travel since they were very tall, but the original design meant the door was only being supported half way along and since the doors are extremely heavy they projected over the end of the runners, which faced daily wear and tear.

Having discussed the project at length Chambrelan suggested the E46 linear rail and the G54 carrier, capable of carrying 310kg in the major axis.  The doors were so heavy they needed two carriers on each rail, allowing the door to slide along the full length of the travel.

linear rails

The 70759 being used as storage space

Feedback:  “Chambrelan have been extremely helpful.  As soon I called Jeremy he came straight over and we decided there and then.  The great improvement over the original is the continuous full length support.”  Richard Gunning, LNER Project Manager