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Natra Uses Steel Telescopic Slides From Chambrelan

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Clients:  Natra

Location:  Belgium

Applications:  Food-line application

steel telescopic slides

Food safety heavy duty slides

Brief:  Natra is multinational Spanish company specialising in the confection of cocoa based products, like chocolate tablets, spreads and drinks.  With manufacturing facilities in Spain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark Germany and the UK Natra is the market leader in its field with truly global reach.

In this instance one of their manufacturing plants in Belgium, which processes the chocolate before packing and sending them to market, was having problems at the end of the cycle.  For as packs of chocolate spread was stacked for delivery many were being dropped as in transportation from the food line to the delivery area.  This meant that the stacking machine had to be cleaned frequently and therefore would be regularly out of operation.

Heavy duty slides

Chambrelan heavy duty slides in action

Natra’s engineers decided the best course of action would be to design and build a ‘Recovery Tray’, which would catch the falling jars and thereby prevent them smashing.  The problem was the packs of jars, weighing 12kg each, were being dropped from a height of 1.8m and Natra knew they had to choose an incredibly strong product that would not only meet food safety standards, but would also be durable enough to take the punishing blows.

heavy duty slides from chambrelan

12kg dropped from 1.8m…. better buy Chambrelan

Solution.    Made from reinforced steel the E1902 is a three section I-beam telescopic slide made of zinc plated steel and capable of delivering incredible extension without compromising on its load carrying capacity.  At 1800mm Natra’s E1902 is capable of carrying 455kg per pair in the major axis and being incredibly corrosive resistant.  This is a great performer and being that its made from reinforced steel is a fantastic steel telescopic slide aimed to deliver heavy loads during its long working life.

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E1902 heavy duty slide

E1902 Extended







Steel Telescopic Slides For Steelite

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Steelite Using E1700

Client:  Steelite

Location:  Stoke on Trent

Application: Material Handling 

Brief:  As world leaders in the design and manufacture of award winning inspirational tableware Steelite’s pedigree is the best of British.  Given the Queen’s award for Enterprise and the Green Apple environmental award for reducing manufacturing waste Steelite’s reputation for quality and social responsibility are second to none.

Extreme Working Environments Calls For E1700 Heavy Duty Slide

It was at the early stages of the production cycle that Chambrelan was asked to help supply a strong enough slide to deliver raw clay into hoppers where the clay is then pressed and converted into ‘pugged’ clay, which is then extruded into long lengths that is then cut into slugs for the manufacturer of Steelite’s exquisite range of tableware.

E1700 Delivering Clay for Steelite

We spoke with John Lewis, Manufacturing Engineering & Projects Manager at Steelite to ask what challenges he faced.  “The environment in which we prepare the clay is hard working due to the dust and contamination and therefore we knew we needed something hardwearing and durable that could take the heavy loads.”

Indeed with over 500 thousand pieces being produced each week should a pug mill fail it would affect production and therefore John had to find a back up system that would deliver the raw clay to the application in such an eventuality.  “Originally we designed a very complicated system where ‘A’ frames supported the conveyor, but it was far too costly a solution.  Until, that is, we considered a simple frame using telescopic slides.”

The system had to use a very strong corrosive resistant slide with stainless steel ball bearings, since wet clay would have created rust on the slide, which if finding its way into the clay would have contaminated and destroyed the end product.  

Steelite…. the Finished Product…

Solution:  The steel telescopic slide strong enough and rugged enough to work in such an environment was the E1700, a reinforced 3 beam zinc plated steel slide, fitted with stainless steel ball bearings.  Extension needed was 1000mm, capable of carrying 530kg per pair on the major axis.  

Feedback:   “The steel telescopic slides were really easy to use and install and have proved a less costly and far easier option than what I had originally imagined.  Fantastic.”  John Lewis

Linear rails for new machine guard – DNA Fabrications

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Linear Rail Machine Guard

Linear Rail Machine Guard

Client:  DNA Fabrications

Location:  Chorley

Application: Machine Guarding 

Brief:  Having only been established for 5 years DNA fabrications has already built a list of prestige clients, including the Canadian Embassy and Rolls Royce, who regularly work with the specialist team of structural engineers and steel fabricators.  In this instance Rolls Royce needed a refurbished guard for a grinding machine.

Linear rail carrier

The New Carrier

Short turn round meant the team had to work quickly and that’s when they found Chambrelan.

Solution: “The sliding door on the guard needed replacing,” confirms Aaron Drew, Director of DNA Fabrications.  “The machine is roughly 2m long with each door being 1m in length which needed to slide open on the railing, leaving about 300mm on either side when fully extended.   We chose three new Chambrelan carriers which were incredibly easy to fit.  The machine has to work in extreme conditions, creating a lot of dirt in the system, and we especially liked the new end stops, which in truth we hadn’t considered and so we were really nicely surprised.”

“The new carriers work perfectly.  They’re quiet and were easy to fit and adjust. Spot on!” 

Linear Rail carrierFeedback:  “The new carriers work perfectly and the service was fantastic, Jeremy returned my call within half an hour and having discussed the build he suggested the new roller system.  Absolutely no complaints and the end stops that clean the track are a nice touch.”  Aaron Drew, Director of DNA Fabrications

With over fifty years in the experience there’s not many applications that can fox us and with a steady stream of products being designed and released onto the market all the time, Chambrelan have built up a reputation for quality and excellence.  For more information on how our new linear rails or linear rail carriers can help your applications call us directly, we’re here to help and support your application:  01746 761 114

Pendennis super yacht uses Telescopic Slides

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telescopic slides

Chambrelan slides: Crew Fridge on Super Yacht

Client:              Pendennis

Location:         Falmouth

Application:   Super Yacht, Fridge application


Brief:  Pendennis are a team of master yacht builders with over 25 years experience and with over 30 custom made super yachts already launched from their facility in Falmouth.  Specialising in both motorised and sailing yachts their list of clients include the wealthy elite, whose expectations of quality and service are second to none.

So when the team were designing a kitchen unit for the crew of their new super yacht and a stainless steel fridge needed to be operated in a tight space envelope the only steel slide capable of the immense loads and maintaining food standards at sea, was Chambrelan’s ST708 telescopic slide.

telescopic slides

Chambrelan steel slides excellent for food safety and marine applications…

“The fridge is housed in a stainless steel wire system on board our latest super yacht,” confides Peter Legg, Project manager for Pendennis.  “And is situated in the crew’s kitchen which needed to roughly carry 100kg.  The rack itself is 25kg due to the steel and so we needed slides that could operate smoothly and easily under load.”

There was only one problem: due to the confined space the slides had to be carried in the minor access.  “We had about 25mm worth of space up and down, but to the left and right of the runner we had zero space to work with.”

Solution:            The only slide capable of maintaining a food standard and operating at sea was the ST708 a three beam stainless steel slide capable of incredible load carrying capabilities.   The ST708 encloses a run of reinforced ball bearings that actively restricts buckling and twisting under heavy loads and is built to last, even under the most extreme loads. 

telescopic slides

Stainless steel, extreme load carrying capabilities… This is Chambrelan’s ST708

Feedback:            “The decision to buy the slide was at the point we were nearing the end of the project.  The technical support was very good and we received them in very good time.  Very positive.”  Peter Legg