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Sliding Shoe Rack Uses Telescopic Slides

Feb 21, 2014   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
telescopic slides

sliding shoe rack

Client:  Jonathan Eagles

Location: South East

Application:  Shoe Rack


Brief:  It’s the same old problem.  Shoes.  What to do with them and where to put them, but whereas most men have quailed at the problem – and no doubt the price – one of our well heeled customers stepped up to the challenge.

telescopic slides

Sliding shoe rack… action shot part II

Solution:  With a small space to work with Jonathan needed to rack and stack ‘their’ shoes in such away that they would be able to slide out from the wall when the wardrobe door was opened.  The design was simple and Jonathan chose to use the RA414 telescopic slide at 400mm.  The RA414 is a steel 4 beam compact slide, favoured for it’s smooth and silent operating motion as well as its price.

Telescopic slides

Sliding shoe rack… the drama continues

Conclusion:  “Fantastic.  Thanks very much for the service and the slide.  The shoe rack works perfectly.” Jonathan

Telescopic slides can be used to great effect when designing home improvements or for DIY storage projects. So if you’re looking at building more space, but want it hidden away, using telescopic slides is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts.  Indeed, our telescopic slides have been used for vehicle builds, camper conversions and stowage solutions around the home.

If you have a storage problem, then we have the solution, drop us a line or visit our website where you can find a whole range of linear rails and telescopic slides that will deliver the loads you want, at the extension you want it.  But don’t take it from us, check out our case study page and here how customers are using our telescopic slides and linear rail motion systems.  They’re easy to fit and easy to install, perfect for budding DIY enthusiasts with a lot of shoes to store!

Top 3 Heavy Duty Slide Stories 2013

Dec 19, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
top 3 heavy duty slides

check out our top 3

And now for something completely different, our top three heavy duty slide stories:

Firstly we’d like to say a big word of thanks for everyone who has helped us put together our case studies this year.  Many of you have written in and sent us shots of projects you’ve been working on and without your support our news pages would definitely not be so colourful, so many thanks for taking part.

So for our final Newsletter before 2014, we thought we’d take you down memory lane look at three of the most ‘clicked’ case studies.

heavy duty slide

Mounted Stretcher

3.  Starting from the number 3 position, we have one of the most clicked stories of 2013 which was Quik Corp Fire Engineering from Australia.  Designers and manufactures of specialized fire equipment Quik Corp came to us to help with a remote fire appliance used as an airport Fire Appliance.  As you can imagine this vehicle needed to be packed with essential equipment including stretchers and kit lockers.  Sporting Chambrelan’s slide and tilt motion system, as well as our RA7Rs heavy duty slide and RA5R’s heavy duty slide.

Quik Corp Fire Engineering really show what can be done with a 360 sliding solution.


broken slides

Cheap Slides Gone Bad

2.  Second in line to the title of ‘Best Case Study 2013’ doesn’t really count as a REAL case study in that the story was about Brinelling, what it is and how to prevent it.  And yet this case was the second most clicked on of the year and obviously highlights concerns regarding problems caused due to heavy duty slides being under specified.  Chambrelan only know too well that customers like cost savings, but without compromising on quality.


telescopic slide

slider to heaven

1.  And this year’s winner is Mike Bent’s Observatory.  When we first spoke to Mike, January 2013, the project was still being pieced together, even so the click through rates went through the roof and when we finally repeated the story with a follow up of Mike’s project, again we saw a huge rise in clicks.  It just shows what you can do with a couple of heavy-duty slides from Chambrelan.

Again thanks for all your support and we look forward to speaking with more of you in the coming months.

Happy Christmas

Heavy Duty Slides Spy Space

Dec 5, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments
telescopic slide

star gazing

Client:  Mike Bent

Location:  North

Application: Observatory 

Brief:   Almost a year ago we mentioned a story of an engineer, passionate about star gazing and astronomy.  After almost four years of planning the design the final drawings were sketched together in the summer of last year.

telescopic slide

star gazing II

From a design perspective the success of the project hinged on the ability of the heavy duty slides to bear the load instead of having a more standard ‘roll off roof’ which would have relied on a ceiling supported by columns; unfortunately this would not have allowed extra space or a 360 sweep of the horizon.

The first heavy-duty slides Mike ordered, were from a competitor and were totally unsuitable and not only were they under spec, they never turned up.  That’s when he found Chambrelan’s range of heavy duty slides.

Telescopic slide

releasing the telescope

“The roof of the observatory,” confirmed Mike, “needed to extend by 2m without any additional support and this was essential for the success of the build.

telescopic slide

sliding cover

Solution.  The only slide best suited for the job was Chambrelan’s E1902 heavy duty slide.  Made from reinforced steel the E1902 is a three beam nested slide, capable of delivering incredible extension without compromising on load capacity.  Each slide is bolted to a 2000mm long and 10mm thick steel angle using the 8 patterned drilling holes.  The angle is secured to the top of the observatory walls with three M12 threaded bars, which passed through the block work and are resin anchored 150mm into the concrete base, with the first to M12’s at the front of the angle and one at the rear.

In addition a 100mm x 50mm box section ‘base rail’ is attached to the other E1902 heavy duty slide (see images for details).  The roof sits on top of this rail and everything was then welded into place.

“Welding aluminium,” confides Mikes, “was not easy, but after the first few attempts I managed to get what I wanted, but you should have seen my earlier attempts!”

heavy duty slides

heavy duty applications need heavy duty slides

The roof is operated manually.  “The ease and smoothness of operating the slides has meant that I’ve not considered using an automated system, one push and it’s done.”

“The roof slides beautifully on the E1902’s and is very easy to operate by hand.  There is some slight vertical deflection, but this is less than 10mm fully extended and on rough estimation they are expected to carry the roof which is between 100-120kg.  It takes roughly 60 seconds to open and unhinge the two ‘petals’ at the front of the Observatory.”  Mike Bent


heavy duty slides

smoother sliding operation

Telescopic Slides Extend Designer Dining Table

Sep 16, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Fully Extendable Dining Table

Client:  Ralph Clee

Location:  London

Application: Extendable Dining Table


Brief:   Ralph Clee is a bespoke furniture maker with an exceptional client list, including Fiona Macdonald, the London furniture designer, who recently commissioned him to build an extendable dining table for an exclusive London Restaurant.  With a closed length of 3 metres it needed to fully extend a huge 4m, without relying for too much support on delicately made legs and with the least amount of flex in the actual table surface.

Fully Extended

“We paired the slides with metal angles 2.2m wide and 75mm x 40mm thick, which we used to box the end and having drilled 6 holes along each one we were able to pair the slides up.  It’s working fantastically.  The table has an incredible smooth delivery and there’s barely any flex.” 

Solution: Having spent a week searching other slide manufacturers, Ralph found Chambrelan and having spoken to Tony Macis, who narrowed the selection, we delivered the samples.

“As soon as I saw them I knew immediately they were the ones I was looking for.  The standard furniture rails we’d been looking at were rubbish, but Chambrelan’s heavy duty slides were exactly what we’d been looking for.”

Feedback: “Since the first table, we’ve been asked to design another for a board room.  Chambrelan have been brilliant.  The product is 100% and what’s more it works.  My clients are very exacting, they want the best, these slides work perfectly and that’s all I need.”  Ralph Clee, Furniture Maker

Our heavy duty slides and linear rails are used for all sorts of applications, from van conversions, food processing, defence and vehicle applications as well as materials handling, offshore and naval projects.  So if you have a need for heavy duty slides or need telescopic slides prototyping, we can help provide you the slides you need.

For more information visit or call us directly 01746 761114