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Stainless Steel Slides Extend Fishing Platform

Aug 12, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Client:  Jon Chance

Location:  South East of England, Wallasey Island.

Application: Fishing Platform 

Brief: Not long ago we ran a case study on Jon Chance’s extendable party platform for his Sealord 344, a shore cruiser capable of taking friends sea fishing.  With the project now finished, we took a look at the finished cruiser and asked him what were the challenges of the project.

“One of the biggest challenges was access to the engine area and the transom at the rear of the boat where we struggled to fit the bolts, which holds the slides in place,” said Jon.

Using four ST508 stainless steel heavy duty slides with a metre length extension meant Jon had the reach and the load capacity he needed.  The ST508 is a three beam nested slide, capable of carrying 225kg per per on the major axis and can come with a sequential movement, as well as a lock in lock out option and the option of double extension. 

“The slides we used are top grade,” confirms Jon.  “Being stainless steel, they’re perfect for the boat.”

In terms of fitting:

“I was so surprised about how well it worked.  I just lined it up by sight, but fitting them was much easier than I thought.”

The platform which is housed on a 8 x 4 plywood sheet and is reinforced with stainless steel at the out edges, makes the platform flexible and light weight.  “I just push it with my foot and it sides out as simple as that,” adds Jon.  “I can’t believe the space it’s given us.  It makes such a difference when we’re fishing.”

If you have need of stainless steel slides that will protect from salt sea corrosion call Chambrelan, we know our range of heavy duty slides will be right for you.  We also prototype telescopic slides for diverse applications that need extra attention or load capacity.  For more information call 01746 761114

Pharmatek Uses ST53 Linear Rail

Jul 15, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

ST53 – Stainless steel rail, ideal for pharmaceutical applications

Client:  Pharmatek

Location:  Midlands

Application:  Machine Guarding

Brief:  Pharmatek are a family owned and run company specialising in powder blending and powder processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmatek design and manufacturer a complete range of products and are able to install and service, ensuring customers receive a 360 engineering solution.

As one of the leading companies in the field their engineers needed a stainless steel rail that would be hand operated and act as a machine guard.  We spoke to Gurpal Bansal who was responsible for the project and asked him why he chose Chambrelan slides.

“As you’ve guessed due to the nature of the pharmaceutical industry we needed a stainless steel product that was going to take 40kg’s each rail.”

Solution:  The ST53 is placed at the heavy duty end of our medium range of linear rails.  Made from Stainless steel it can carry a massive 170kgs in the major axis and can uses one of two carriers, the GS53 and the GS57.  Both our carriers employ our unique ball bearing movement, which actively spread loads more evenly therefore improving the operational use and limiting wear and tear.

With the linear rail and carriers now in place, so far the Feedback from Pharmatek has been extremely positive.

Feedback:   “Indeed,” confirmed Gurpal.  “Chambrelan’s website was excellent in that we could download all your CAD models and I have to say Tony has been excellent throughout the sales process, especially in helping us with our latest project.”  Gurpal Bansal, Project Manager

Chambrelan has a full range of linear rail motion systems to choose from, sporting a choice of either  our unique ball bearing carrier or specialised roller system, our linear rails are easy to fit and easy to maintain.

For more information on our linear rails or telescopic slides, call Chambrelan on 01746 761114

Cheap Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Suffer Brinelling

Jun 5, 2013   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Cheap Slides Gone Bad

We were called out recently to see if we could help a vehicle builder out who had a major problem with a pair of new aluminium heavy duty drawer slides which had been attached to a fast response fire vehicle as part of an onboard stowage system.

Tony Macis, Chambrelan’s sales manager, visited the project to investigate what had happened and how the problem could be avoided.

“Basically the heavy duty drawer slides have failed within two months of being put on the vehicle,” confirmed Tony.  “The engineers told me that there were issues with the locking mechanism, but to me the real problem is that a pair of aluminium heavy duty drawer slides, whose construction haven’t been designed to withstand this type of shock and vibration, have been fitted onto the vehicle.”

“Already we’re seeing signs of brinelling, which is on account of the softer materials used and how the construction of the heavy duty drawer slide is unsuited to the application.  What we can see here is that the inner beam has come away from the intermediate beam and subsequently it’s VOR.”

Cheap Slides Gone Bad - The Sequel

Cheap Slides Gone Bad – The Sequel

The worse case scenario for a brigade is to have a vehicle down and fleet managers work night and day to keep their vehicles on the road.  So having one pulled due to faulty heavy duty drawer slide has caused a degree of consternation within the market, not just to vehicle builders who are looking at ways at keeping costs to a minimum, but also to manufacturers who can sometimes be forced to sacrifice long-term performance over initial build costs.

“With all the cuts it’s no wonder clients and vehicle builders are looking at reducing costs,” adds Tony.  “But where companies are looking at making cost savings, brigades are still looking for performance and reliability.  Sadly buying cheap more often than not means you’re going to have to buy twice.”

United Kingdom – For further information on the these or on any of our heavy duty slides and Linear Rails please visit or alternatively contact the team on 01746 761 114

Australia – For further information on Chambrelan products please contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit

Linear Motion for sliding punch bag

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Sliding punch bag uses Chambrelan linear rail

Client:               David Hodges

Location:           Surrey 

Application:            Sliding Punch Bag


Brief:                          When we were asked how we could help adapt a punch bag for a tailored made gym we didn’t think twice.  The brief was simple.  The owner wanted to slide a punch bag and lock it into position so he could work out 360 degrees about the bag, to be slide back when it wasn’t in use.  The weight of the bag was negligible, but access and having a lock in option was essential.

Solution:  “The property is a newly built £8 million pound home with a custom made gym,” confirms Dave Hodges.  “After doing some research we called Chambrelan and spoke to Tony who was incredibly helpful in that he helped us design the rail into the gym.”

If the weight of the bag wasn’t the problem, the force of exerted by the turning moment was.  Therefore a metre length of Chambrelan’s E46 linear rail was attached to a steel bracket, which in turn was securely fixed to the ceiling.  To overcome any potential turning moments the bag was attached to two carriers, which aims to resist any sudden reflex when the bag is in use.  Easy to deploy easy to replace, the design was created to be sympathetic to the build and work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Feedback:            “Well to be honest we realised that this was not a big value order and yet from when we spoke to Tony he gave us a fantastic advice and support.  The service was 100%.”   David Hodges, Project Manager

We have an entire collection of linear motion systems, ranging from aluminium linear motion rails through to stainless steel.  Now available with a circulated ball bearing carrier and Chambrelan’s latest  duel roller carrier, we know we have the linear motion for you.  Call Chambrelan on 01746 761 114