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Heavy duty drawer slides for Catering Van

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linear motion rails

Chambrelan’s RA5r – perfect for generators

Client:              Pete Challis 

Location:              South East 

Application:            Heavy duty drawer slides for Catering Van


Brief:   More a temple of culinary expertise than a catering van, Pete’s customers come far and wide to enjoy the best of British Breakfast.  But the hot plates, refrigerators, ovens and tea makers all need power and the generator Pete used was unfortunately hard fixed to the vehicle, meaning fuelling and maintenance was always a problem.  If you’re out in the field and problems occur, difficulties can arise and with that in mind Pete knew he needed a more practical, efficient working solution.

Solution:  The only heavy duty drawer slide long enough and strong enough for the loads was the RA5R heavy duty drawer slide made from stainless steel this is one of Chambrelan’s most tried and tested heavy duty drawer system.  Being a 3 beam steel slide, with a zinc plated finish the RA5r is an incredibly strong, durable slide and with it’s easy to fit, easy to maintain technical fittings, the RA5r is one of our most popular slides.

Feedback: “I have to say the service was fantastic, I couldn’t fault it.  Tony and the team were very helpful in identifying what I needed and I received the slides in a few days of ordering.  I’d definitely recommend Chambrelan.”  Peter Challis.

For a more complex and detailed list of all our heavy duty drawer slides and linear motion rails, visit our website www.linearrailsuk or to view our range of heavy duty drawer slides, visit  Unsure or need advice, we’re only to happy to help with your application enquiries and with over 20 years experience, we’ll be able to advise and support where necessary.  Call us on 01746 761 114

Linear Motion Rail For Sliding Door

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Linear motion Rail

Chambrelan’s E28 and G40 Rail

Client:                   ALE Heavy Lift 

Location:             Middlesbrough, UK 

Application:       Linear Motion Rail for Sliding Cab Door on Mobile Crane

Brief:  Scan Cab, a Danish re-fitter and engineering firm modernised the Gottwald AK912 for ALE Heavy Lift, but after four years of heavy use it was time to refurbish the operators cab door which could no longer safely and securely work as the door had started to sag.

ALE’s Heavy Crane Superintendant, Graham Roberts, was tasked with finding the replacements parts and fast, for having a crane down costs both time and money. After a brief search Graham contacted Chambrelan’s whose parts had originally been specced into the design and within seven days the parts had been delivered.

Solution:  The door needed our E28 linear motion rail and a G40 circulating steel ball-bearing carriers, two at the top and two fitted to the bottom rail.  Our E28 linear motion rail is made from zinc plated steel for extra strength and anti corrosion and is a comparatively slim rail capable of carrying up to 50kg using the G40 carrier.

With its very competitive price point, both the rail and the carriers were the most cost efficient option and are a perfect solution to machine guarding, sliding doors and gates.

Feedback:  “Chambrelan’s customer service is top class, from speaking to Tony through to having the parts delivered was within seven days.  Excellent, I can’t fault it.”  Graham Roberts, Heavy Crane Superintendant.

For our entire range of heavy duty drawer slides and linear motion rails give us a call or visit our website.  For those customers who need heavy duty drawer slides or linear motion rails that need modifying or prototyping, please contact us directly, with over 20 years working within the UK market we have the experience and product know-how to advise, support and deliver the finest heavy duty sliding systems in the UK… call us directly on 01746 761 114

Heavy Duty Slides Extend Boat Platform

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Extendable Party Platform

Client:              Jon Chance 

Location:        South Coast 

Application:  Extendable party platform 

Brief:                     Jon Chance is passionate about boating and recently invested in a Sealord 344 off shore cruiser to take his friends night fishing off the south coast.  Commissioned in 2005 the cruiser boasts a 200hp diesel engine, bow thrusters and leather upholstery, a teak cockpit and fly-bridge decks.  At the rear of the boat there is a bathing platform, which unfortunately prevented Jon and his friends from casting off the back of the boat.  The problem was how to extend the back of the boat, without increasing the mooring costs, which are charged per metre.


ST708 heavy duty slide

Solution:            Choosing the right heavy-duty telescopic slide wasn’t the only problem faced by Jon.  He needed a specific type of high-grade marine steel, which wouldn’t rust or rot when subjected to the sea.  Jon chose four Chambrelan’s ST708’s, a three beam stainless steel slide, with over a metre extension and reinforced ball bearing to improve load capacity and resistance to torque loads.  Those of you with a keen eye will notice that we have no shots of the party platform being extended.  Fear not, we’ll send you a follow up post, featuring photos of the platform in operation.

heavy duty slides

Extendable platform

Feedback:            “Chambrelan’s customer service was fantastic, they helped me identify the slides I needed and made sure we received them.”  Jon Chance

The ST708 is one of Chambrelan’s strongest slides and is a formidable heavy duty slide, capable of carrying terrific loads at full extension.  For more details on the ST708, or any of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, call us directly on 01746 761 114

Drawer Slides for Observatory

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drawer slides

Mike’s observatory using Chambrelan’s heavy duty E1902

Client:  Mike Bent

Location:  Bolton

Application: Observatory  

Brief:  When a new customer, a partner in an engineering firm, needed a pair of drawer slides to build his very own observatory in the back of his garden, we knew it was going to be an interesting project.  After four years of planning the project is now almost complete and it turns out it’s not going to be your usual observatory.  For one, most amateur observatories are created by enthusiasts and use two beams supported by a single column to roll back the roof.  The only problem is that the observatory walls restrict a horizontal view; vertical is fine, but it means that the astronomer has to know what they want to see before pointing their telescope at it.  With a horizontal sweep of the heavens, Mike wanted to be able to select what he wanted to look at and turn the telescope as and when he chose.

The other classic designed observatory is of course a rotating domed roof, but Mike felt that this might have been an eye sore in his garden and therefore he came up with a plan for creating an aluminium roof fitted on heavy duty drawer slides, which ‘peeled’ back the roof to reveal the telescope and thereby giving it a 360° sweep of the skyline.

Solution:  Unfortunately we weren’t the first company to speak to Mike, he ordered a set of slides from a competitor, but unfortunately they weren’t able to deliver and that’s when he spoke to Chambrelan.  Having listened to the brief and seeing Mike designs, we suggested the E1902 heavy duty drawer slide a three beam nested slide, with an immense load capacity of between 250kg to 950kg.  Like all our heavy duty drawer slides the E1902 is zinc plated, which provides added protection against corrosion.

Feedback:  “The new Chambrelan heavy duty drawer slides are exquisite, they’re fantastic, a lot more heavy duty than i expected.  Should have bought them in the first place.”  Mike Bent, Engineer and amateur astronomer.

For further enquiries on any of our heavy duty drawer slides or linear rail motion systems call Chambrelan on 01746 761 114