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Quik Corp Fire Engineering use Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Dec 6, 2012   //   Heavy Duty Slide Case Studies  //  No Comments

Mounted Stretcher

Client:  Quik Corp Fire Engineering

Location:  Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Application: Fire Appliance


Brief:  Quik Corp Fire Engineering design and manufacture a range of specialised fire and emergency equipment.  By working with Queensland Rural Fire Service, the Australian Department of Defence, New South Wales National Parks, Forestry plantations and mining corporations in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Phillipines, Quik Corp understand only to well the value design, experience and quality play in making their equipment.  In this particular instance Quik Corp were commissioned to design and build a Remote Fire Appliance used as an Airport Fire Appliance. 

Jaws of Life on heavy duty slides

Solution: Built on a 6000L MAN 6×4 chassis the Remote Fire Appliance needed to pack a stretcher mounted inside a locker complete with all the equipment for a rescue situation.  The sliding locker needed to be accessible from only one side and needed to be fully extended to make access and reloading faster and easier.  Extra storage was also needed for further emergency kit, but due to the height of the appliance, and to allow viewing of equipment and ease of access, Chambrelan’s slide and tilt drawer system was fitted together with the Slam Lock and handle and the draws used both Chambrelan’s heavy duty drawer slide RA7R and heavy duty drawer slide RA5R

Drop down kit stowage using Chambrelan’s slide and tilt system

In addition further road crash rescue equipment mounted on Chambrelan’s heavy duty drawer slide the RA7R 450mm closed length full extension which also incorporate Chambrelan’s Slam Lock fitted with the lock in / lock out (LILO) option.

Feedback: “Being a builder of emergency equipment our paramount concern is reliability of all components we install on our vehicles.  Chambrelan’s wide range of sliding systems and the companies dedication to quality, was the reason we recently changed to Chambrelan for all our heavy duty drawer slide requirements.”  Tim Syben, Quik Corp Fire Engineering

Linear rails extend kitchen

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Client:  Mario’s Kitchen

Location:  London

Application: Extendable Kitchen Work Surface


Brief:   We run a lot of large application stories, but occasionally we get a really interesting consumer story that shows, with a little ingenuity and imagination, what can be done with our linear rails and carriers.  This month’s issue is dedicated to a designer and software developer called Mario was looking at re-designing his kitchen to add more functionality and freedom of movement without compromising the number of essential appliances and living space he wanted of his kitchen. 

Solution: Having looked at a number of manufacturers Mario finally chose Chambrelan’s bi-directional Zinc Plated E46 rail and G54 carrier, which had the strength and durability to deliver a dependable solution.  The effect was Mario was able to design and create a system that could transform his work-surfaces into a prep station and bar area, freeing up the entire living / work space for entertainment.  To complete the look and feel Mario used a Wren Kitchen range and surfaces to add a clean and fresh look and feel to the room.

Feedback: “They’re very good and Tony was very helpful in ensuring the rails fitted to the exact millimetre.”  Mario Rothe.

For more information about how our linear rail motion systems can solve your build issues, call Chambrelan.  Our team of sales people are on hand to answer and help with your heavy duty drawer slide or linear rail motion enquiries.  With an enormous range of products available, we know we have the right drawer slide for you.  Customers who need something a little more specialised will be pleased to know that we can modify and prototype our drawer slides to fit your application.  Call us and we’ll do everything we can to help – 01746 761 114

The heavy duty drawer slide team

SEM Fire and Rescue use drawer slides for mobile fire station

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Client:  SEM Fire and Rescue & Country Fire Authority (CFA)

Location:  Victoria, Australia

Application: Technical Rescue Vehicle 

Brief:   SEM Fire and Rescue, the specialist vehicle builder for the Australian and overseas markets – were asked to design and build a Technical Rescue Vehicle (Hino FM 2630) for front line rescue situations, including Water Rescue, Control and a Range of Fire and Rescue operations including, forest fire, house fires and commercial properties in and around Victoria, Australia.

Designed to be a transportable module, which is dismounted from the chassis to be operated as a stand-alone unit, the ‘Pod’ needed to carry essential equipment required for a range of emergency situations. 

Solution: Built on a Hino Cab Chassis, with a massive Hino A09C-TT Turbocharged and intercooled 6-cylinder diesel engine, the pod can be dismounted by the multi-lift LHS 250, which has a huge lifting capacity of up to 17,000 kg.  The module has been dissected into a series of stowage compartments, pull out work benches and sliding generator draws, as well as a series of slide and tilt systems, designed to help teams operate in a number of emergency situations.

SEM worked with Integrated Equipment, distributors of Chambrelan products in Australia and South East Asia, to maximise the working space of the module.   In addition by working with integrated, SEM have consolidated their supply chain, making the ordering process swifter and more manageable.

Feedback: “The Technical rescue pod incorporates many slide out trays, boards and draws to help the operators access this specialist equipment.  In the transportable pod CFA use Chambrelan’s sliding tracks, which are excellent weight characteristics to carry the heavy equipment and make it easy to slide out.  Also these tracks allow the trays, boards and draws to be fully extended out from the pod, thus again improving access to the equipment.”  Ken Hare, Design Engineer at CFA 

For all OZ enquiries contact Bruce Elliott from Integrated on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit

4 Sure Trailers Use RA7 Drawer Slides

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drawer slides in action

4 Sure Trailers’s Citreon H Van – Sporting Chambrelan’s RA7 Heavy duty Slides

Client:  4 Sure Trailers

Location:  Corby, Northants

Application: Citreon ‘H’ Van

Brief:   With an exceptional track record and pedigree in designing, retrofitting and restoring catering trailers, burger vans and catering trucks, 4 Sure Trailers have built a solid reputation for quality and delivery.  Whether working alongside large catering organisations or sole traders, 4 Sure Trailers design each project to the client’s specifications, in this instance the customer was 5 Star Catering and the project was to completely redesign an old Citreon H Van, which was to be employed outside the British Museum as a catering van selling the best of British sausages and fine coffee.

The Citreon H Van itself has an interesting history, with production beginning as early as 1947, Citreon continued to build the van as late as the early 1980’s.  With it’s distinct ‘corrugated’ body work, which was inspired by German Aircraft and was used for adding strength without the extra weight, the H Van has become an icon of French design and engineering, that is coveted as much today as it was throughout it’s long history. 

Solution: Perhaps the single largest problem with the project was space.  Since the H van not only needed to carry the cooking equipment, including food and coffee, it also needed to be roomy enough to allow the catering staff to work and serve without restriction.  Gary Wagstaff, Director of 4 Sure Trailers, who managed the project, was able to tackle this problem by employing two RA7 drawer slides, however the team realised that they needed to increase their extension up to 120%, allowing the serving counter to slide smoothly from the vehicle.

Chosen for their incredible strength and unfailing performance the RA7 drawer slide is one of our most popular heavy duty telescopic slides, made from cold drawn steel section, they are perfect for catering and food safety.

Feedback: “We’re very happy with the performance of the Chambrelan’s slides, so much so we’re introducing them across a number of other projects.” Gary Wagstaff, Director, 4 Sure Trailers