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Slide & Tilt ‘Now Self-Adjusting’

Mar 8, 2012   //   Product review  //  No Comments
slide and tilt

Chambrelan Updates Slide and Tilt with Self-Adjusting Carrier

Many of you who use slide and tilt systems will know that over recent months there’s been a growing choice in what’s available on the market.

We believe Chambrelan’s slide and tilt system has a notably different design and therefore different operational benefits over and above our competitors.  One of our latest advancements has been to include a self-adjusting carrier, which has already received positive feedback from across the market.

Whereas our old system’s positioning was dimensionally fixed to the rail, the new design has a new self-adjusting spring, which ‘cushions’ the carrier against the fitting surface.

Whereas the mounting face of the pivot block was originally dimensionally fixed relative to the rail the new design is now self adjusting which cushions against the fitting surface.  This ‘spring loaded suspension system, in now built as standard in all Chambrelan’s slide and tilt systems and will dramatically reduce the necessity for ‘tight tolerancing’ and the need to ‘shim’ the slides when fitting the draws.  This also results in a marked operational improvement where frame uprights and locker walls may not be parallel, causing draws to fit badly.  The new pivot counters these discrepancies since the movement is now cushioned and self adjusts to fit.

For this and a full range of linear rails and heavy duty slides please visit our website or alternatively call us directly.  For more bespoke items that need to be prototyped we can certainly help and we often work with military and rolling stock customers to create for them the perfect sliding system.  For standard linear rails or heavy duty slides our website has our entire range of products available in real time, allowing you to prepare your stock programmes accordingly.

Please visit or alternatively contact us directly on 01746 761 114 or visit

Chambrelan Launches RA9 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

Jan 17, 2012   //   Product review  //  No Comments
Heavy duty drawer slide

New Slide Development by Chambrelan – The RA9R

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just this time we mean it!  That’s right, Chambrelan’s RA9 – our latest 3 beam nested heavy duty drawer slide – has been put on a production schedule and will be in stock within the next two weeks.  Chambrelan UK have already placed a stock order for the RA9 Heavy Duty Drawer slide and as soon as stocks arrive we will alert all our customers by email.

For those of you still in the dark about our latest product development the RA9 heavy duty drawer slide has been designed to fit between the RA7 and the E1700, maintaining the high load capacity, whilst making it considerably more cost efficient.

The RA9 is a reinforced 3 beam zinc plated steel telescopic slide capable of carrying 440kg per pair at 500mm in the closed position.  The Zinc plating is an anti corrosive coating, 12 microns thick and has been proven time and again to be excellent in preventing salt sea spray testing.  The ball cage of the RA9 heavy duty slide is made of galvanised steel and is greased with high pressure grease.

Our commitment to improving our range of heavy duty drawer slides is second to none and we’re constantly updating, modifying and introducing new heavy duty slides to our range.  From this point of view alone Chambrelan are world leaders in the design and the manufacturer of heavy duty drawer slides and our products are used in almost every industry, military, defence, vehicle manufacturers, nuclear power, pharmaceutical, food production and the emergency services.  Made from the best quality materials our heavy duty slides are renowned for their quality and proven track record.

For further information on these or any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 01746 761 114

Meet the E28 Linear Rail

Dec 15, 2011   //   Product review  //  No Comments
E28 linear rail

Chambrelan’s E28 Rail and G40/G41 Carrier

Chambrelan’s choice of Linear rails and carriers offer a broad range from lighter applications through to heavier duty loads.  This linear rail is made from zinc plated steel profile and can be cut to length.  The E28 linear rail is a very slim rail, with a smooth movement.  Each runner can carry loads of up to 40kg for the G41 or 50kg for the G40 in the major axis and 25kg and 20kg, respectively, on the minor axis.

Keenly priced these linear rails and carriers are inexpensive and mechanically durable and provide a enduring method of machine guarding, machine beds and covers, as well as being an excellent rail for sliding doors, gates and other linear motion needs.  In addition since Chambrelan manufacturers the majority of our products we can many instances guarantee availability and with our real time stock programme, showing the quantity of stock items available, customers can gauge what’s available and when.  Having said that demand for our slides can be quite high and therefore these figures do tend to fluctuate.

Our range of linear rail motion systems, come in three distinct categories, light duty linear rail, medium duty linear rail and heavy duty linear rail, meaning we have the rail and carrier for you.  Our light duty range of linear rail have been selected for their precision guidance and are more commonly used in the electronic industries, for ATMs and dispensers.  Our medium duty rail is best suited for vehicles builds, medium in strength and weight and finally our heavy duty linear rail, designed and built for more rugged applications, where strength and durability are essential.

For more specialised, bespoke products we can certainly help, cutting lengths that are not specified and modifying the carriers for your application.

For further information on these or any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact the team on 01746 761 114

Meet the E1400 and D1422 Heavy duty slides

Nov 15, 2011   //   Product review  //  No Comments
E1400 heavy duty slide

Chambrelan’s Small Compact, E1400

Meet the E1400 and D1422 heavy duty slides.  Although the E1400 is one of our smallest and most compact 3-beamed slides, with a closed length of 200mm to 1000mmm, it’s load bearing capacity is a fantastic 50kg to 135kg per pair of slides.  Made from solid steel section, the E1400 has been used for special purpose machinery, including cash machines and vending machines.

Chambrelan have also designed and manufactured a lighter, aluminium version – the D1422 – which has been used extensively in similar but lighter duty applications.  The D1422 is available in closed lengths of 150mm to 650mm with load capacity of 20–43kg and is protected using a clear anodisation.

It’s worth noting that Chambrelan slides have been designed and manufactured for standard use with a uniform load spread along the beams:  Horizontal mounting in the major axis, with uniformly distributed load.  Standard slides cannot be used for applications such as vertical mounting (up and down), overhanging, excessive heat, corrosive environments and dust.  For such applications specific additions to the design needed to be included.

Our collection of heavy duty slides range from the light duty, aluminium slides through to extreme heavy duty stainless steel slides.  All our products are designed and manufactured by us and we pride ourselves in using the very best materials with the most advance manufacturing processes.  In addition we design and build bespoke prototypes for customer with unique application requirements and by working with engineers we can ensure that prototypes fit the exact specifications meeting load and extension requirements.  For standard lengths and our entire range of heavy duty slides and linear rails call us directly or if you have a prototype you need discussing then please contact us directly

For further information on these or any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington or Tony Macis on 01746 761 114