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Product Launch: R71 Heavy Duty Slide

Jul 13, 2015   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on Product Launch: R71 Heavy Duty Slide
R71 Exceptional Draw Slide

R71 Exceptional Draw Slide

With its impressive footprint the R71 heavy duty slide is best suited for applications that offer restricted space, but require high levels of rigidity and a smooth working operation, even when delivering extreme loads.

This medium to heavy duty two beam telescopic slide is one of our best performing drawer slides.   It performs well in applications where most weaker and cheaper alternatives would struggle, it’s rigidity and reinforced ball bearing construction offers superb levels of operator control in drawer systems that have widths exceeding 1.5m.  Making it a fantastic slide for carrying loads that would exceed normal slide expectations.

The rigidity of the R71 is also vitally important for it ensures an even draw operation with no ‘crabbing’ or ‘lozenging’, which can be a typical and unwanted side effect of operating large draws from an off-centre position.

With its load carrying performance, smooth operation and rigid strength the R71 has been designed for specialist applications, like tool storage, hydraulic pipe storage and large, light weight preformed components. It is also a regular component for defence applications.

For more product reviews that detail the strengths of our heavy duty slides, please visit our product review page.  Our slides have been designed and built to suit a range of different applications.  Some have been designed for vehicle builders, defence and manufacturing applications, each have their own unique strengths and we’re always here to help, advise and support where we can.  Should you need any further advice on this product or any of our heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.  For a full pdf download, visit our website where customers can view in real time stock availability.

For further information on any of our slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

We Prototype Telescopic Slides and Linear Rails

May 28, 2015   //   Product review  //  Comments Off on We Prototype Telescopic Slides and Linear Rails
Telescopic slides and linear rails

Working with Engineers on new prototypes

Specialised applications need specialised sliding systems and although we have a huge range of telescopic slides and linear rails, some applications are so different that their slides will need prototyping.

Whether it’s changing the hole patterns, decreasing or increasing the extension or modifying the slide entirely, Chambrelan’s engineers have the means to upgrade and specify our slides for unique builds.

Prototyping slides is a collaborative effort and we work closely with engineers to get the best out of their projects, in terms of both cost and performance

Prototype heavy duty slides:

For example a customer who buys our competitors product, currently needs an incredibly strong heavy duty slide. They have been using a two beam heavy duty slide, capable of carrying 185 kilos per slide, unfortunately each slide is 300 euros per slide and therefore cost has proved a major problem.

By working with the our engineers Chambrelan have designed and created a prototype capable of carrying, circa 200 kilos each slide, with a price point of 139 euros, with an exciting cost saving as an additional Chambrelan bonus. 

A recent rolling stock project is another example of how a company bought heavy duty slides from a manufacture to find that when it came to replacing worn out slides, they were no longer manufacturing that slide.  Chambrelan were asked to step in and help the situation and prototype an entirely new product from existing slides.  As companies and products become obsolete due to changing markets or improved designs  some slides become harder to replace and this is another reason why a company with over 50 years worth of history is favoured to a new start up.

For further information on how we can prototype your projects or for a full stock list of available heavy duty slides please visit or alternatively contact Jeremy Binnington on 07868 971 089 or Tony Macis on 07868 971 089.

RA31 Telescopic Slide

Apr 1, 2015   //   Product review  //  No Comments
RA31 Telescopic slide


Having discussed electronic applications and the kind of slides best suited for them we thought we’d highlight the benefits of another telescopic slide used for similar electronic applications.  The RA31 telescopic slide maybe small, but as a three beam zinc plated steel slide the RA31 is an incredible performer.  With a smooth and almost noiseless operation the RA31 it is an easy to fit and easy to maintain slide capable of carrying 60kg per pair at 250mm.

Whereas many manufactures would have minimum order volumes in the region of 250-500 units, Chambrelan only have a minimum order charge of £50, making for smaller purchases and removing the need for customers to carry large amounts of stock.   We’re able to produce these small volumes due to our production methods, which are more focused on machining and drawing rather than rolling and presswork.

This is one of the reasons why Chambrelan are market leaders, our manufacturing processes means we can work with customers directly to design and build slides that suit their applications, without encumbering customers with large production costs.  The Ra31 has also been used for home improvements in that it’s light weight body can be easily installed, creating storage spaces, lockers, light weight compartments that need to be easily opened and closed.  Discreet, lightweight and durable the Ra31 has been a favourite with furniture restorers and furniture designs in the holding of desk drawers and kitchen draws.   Indeed we have seen the Ra31 being used to house security boxes on caravans and mobile homes, where small compartments or lockers are used to carry passports or cash.  The Ra31 is a smart little slide and can be used for all manner of applications where precision and durability are a must.

For more information on the Ra31 or any other of our heavy duty slides or linear rails please visit or alternatively contact us directly on 01746 761 114

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide Review

Feb 27, 2015   //   Product review  //  No Comments
RA7R Heavy Duty Slide

RA7R Heavy Duty Slide, Full Extension

With a load capacity of up to 350kg per pair and protected by a tough white zinc plate the RA7R heavy duty slide is one of the best performers of Chambrelan’s range of telescopic slides.

Favoured by vehicle builders the RA7R is a three beam heavy duty steel slide employing the use of precision steel ball-bearings which not only makes for a smoother performance, but also adds structural support by spreading the mass of supported loads.

Some years ago Chambrelan upgraded the designs of their heavy duty slide range with the unique inclusion of reinforced bearings that guard against and offer greater resistance to lateral or side loadings.  This upgrade uniquely enables our telescopic slides to be used in both the major or minor axis when the slide beams are compressed against each other by the applied load.

Further upgrades to the RA7R heavy duty slide include the option of sequential movement, which cleverly coordinates the travel of each beam in turn, extending and retracting the slide beams in a set sequence, meaning a reduction in operating forces especially noticeable when the slides are carrying extreme loads.  These sequential heavy duty slides are ideal for manufacturing lines, battery storage boxes and industrial generators that need access for maintenance and repairs.  Indeed the RA7 has been used for small vehicle conversions, tool storage systems and extendable work surfaces.  The RA7 is one of Chambrelan’s most popular slides and subsequently much in vogue with customers who demand a quality performer regardless of the environment or loads.  In this respect the RA7 is considered to be a work horse of a slide, designed and manufactured using the best materials.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or or call 01746 761 114