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Heavy Duty Slides Get Reinforced Ball Cage

Feb 21, 2014   //   Product review  //  No Comments
extra rail and slide strength

Reinforced Ball Cage For Extra Strength

You may have noticed that some of our heavy duty slides have a ‘R’ attached to the product name.  For example, RA7R and the RA5R.  The ‘R’ denotes that these slides are ‘Reinforced’, but what makes them extra strong?  And how does that benefit customers?

Whether it’s stainless steel or steel, whether the slides are zinc plated or ionised for extra strength, choosing our reinforced slides not only means an increase of load capacity, but also due to their construction, these slides are less likely to buck and twist during heavy use.   They key is our unique ball cages, which ‘carries’ the slide on the vertical and horizontal plane, cushioning the load on two rows of additional ball-bearings.  This means an even spread of weight a long the slide and allows a smoother and more regular movement even when carrying extreme loads.

With an entire range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems to choose from we know you’re going to find what your looking for.  However, for more specialised projects, where customers require rails or slides that need to be especially made or prototyped, then we can certainly help.  Defence applications or rolling stock projects sometimes need special treatment and we have the team to create you the slides or rails that you need.  We work with companies to prototype products, modifying and changing to suit their application and meet their load capacity needs, before rolling out orders.  Since we carry a large amount of stock in the UK we are able to meet customers requirements for a whole range of products.  For more information visit out website where we have our entire range of heavy duty slides and linear rails available in real time.

For more information on our range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, visit either or or call 01746 761 114

RA9 Heavy Duty Slide

Dec 19, 2013   //   Product review  //  No Comments
RA9 Heavy duty slide

New slide, Great prospects

One of this year’s most popular slides, launched only this year, is the RA9 heavy duty slide, Chambrelan’s latest 3 beam nested slide.  Designed to bridge the gap between the E1700 and the RA7 this is a high strength heavy duty slide capable of carrying fantastic loads for its size and space profile.

Made from reinforced zinc plated steel the RA9 heavy duty slide is designed to carry extreme loads of up to 440kg making it perfect for vehicle builders, large storage applications and for retrofitting camper conversions.

A great slide with a great price point and what’s more, we’ve got them in stock!  With a host of new product launches being announced over the coming months, keep your eyes on our product review pages, you won’t be disappointed.  Indeed we have a whole range of stainless steel products being announced, as well as some further developments within our linear rail range.

For UK enquiries contact either our website or call us directly: or 01746 761 114

E1904 Heavy Duty Slide Defence grade

Dec 5, 2013   //   Product review  //  No Comments
E1904 heavy duty slide

E1904 – Best For Defence

Although our standard range of heavy duty slides are more than enough for most customers, we do get requests for bespoke products.  One of our customers – a defence contractor – recently needed a hybrid slide / linear rail.

Although we can’t disclose the project due the nature of the build, we can say the loads being handled needed to be delivered from the rear of the application by the slide.  Once fully extended the linear rail then completes the cycle by delivering the load to a front position.  Capable of delivering up to 2m when fully extended the only slide fit for the job was the E1904 heavy duty slide, which had its inner beam removed to house the linear rail. In terms of core strength, the E1904 heavy duty slide is a heavy weight contender. As a four beam nested slide made from Zinc plated carbon steel section, this was a perfect option for the project due to its incredible load bearing capacity and ability to give 150% extension even in the harshest of working environments.

With the prototype now complete the project now faces a series of shock and vibration tests designed to simulate the extreme conditions it will have to face. Interestingly our customer is willing to share those figures with us and although we are still waiting for those results, as soon as they come we will happily share those with you.

Having recently showcased our entire range at the DSEI show, more and more defence contractors are choosing stainless steel products over standard finishes.  Partly for the extra strength and extension, but partly because these slides are corrosive resistant, the show has attracted a lot of interest from military builders and suppliers.

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Modular Drawer System Uses heavy duty slides

Sep 16, 2013   //   Product review  //  No Comments

telescopic slides extend drawer frontAn exciting new product created and developed by Anderson Fire and Rescue has just been released in the UK and Australia.  The Modular Drawer System, which promises to take the time and cost out of installation and fitting onboard stowage systems is the latest innovation from Anderson Fire, who specialise in ladders and gantry systems.

This is the first time a flat pack draw system has been created for the vehicle build market and already fleet managers and end users are seeing the cost benefits of being able to assemble and fit the draws themselves.

extendable draws use telescopic slides

Easy to Fit, Easy to Install

Current systems are soon becoming untenable since fabricators are needed to fit say, one or two drawers at a time, and the costs are expensive.

Anderson’s modular draw systems are different in that all that’s required before they can be packed and sent to customers are the outer dimensions of the draw.  Customers can also choose from a number of telescopic slides, which are pre-drilled to order, as well as choosing a slide and tilt option and both products come with a lock-in, lock-out option.

The tray itself is made from high-strength tensile aluminium extrusion, which has been anodised for extra strength and protection.  The corner pieces are made from high strength plastic designed to stand the shock and impact of heavy use and with load capacity of 100kg, if evenly placed, these draws are fast becoming the preferred choice.

By working with vehicle builders for over 50 years chambrelan are able to advise and supply the best telescopic drawer slide on the market.  Therefore if you have a heavy duty slide requirement we can help and even if we don’t stock what you want, we can prototype heavy duty slides capable of suiting your application.

drawer slides from chambrelanFor all UK enquiries contact Anderson Fire and Equipment on +44 (0) 1387 253 999 or visit their website:

For all For OZ enquiries contact Integrated Equipment on +61 (0) 353 673 513 or visit